CW Hits The Mark With Full 'Arrow' TV Series Trailer

David Ramsey Stephen Amell Arrow The CW

A couple of days ago, fans were treated to the first footage of Stephen Amell in the role of Oliver Queen, as he readied himself to take back the streets of Starling City and investigate the fate that has befallen his father in the upcoming DC Comics-inspired TV series Arrow.

On the heels of that sneak peek, The CW has now provided fans with the series' first official trailer, which delves further into the Arrow mythos and expands on the gritty storytelling that was only hinted at in the previous reveal. Now, instead of a shirtless Amell, we are treated to the Emerald Archer's costume and archery skills in action, and a much better idea of what he'll be up against. If the earlier footage reminded you of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, then this new trailer is going to have you seeing double – right down to a bearded Amell looking an awful lot like a prison-dwelling, pre-cowl Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale).

David Ramsey Stephen Amell Arrow The CW

When one takes into consideration the cool color palate of the cinematography, the stone-cold demeanor of Amell's Oliver Queen and the up-close-and-personal fisticuffs, Arrow is also looks every bit as inspired by the Bourne franchise the producers mentioned it would be prior to production. The result? A rather slick looking bit of television that seems primed to attract the attention of comic book fans and newbies alike. If anything, The CW should pat itself on the back after yesterday's Arrow preview was met with more genuine interest than disdain - a rarity when a character sees his or her origin, costume or, in this case, name, altered for the purpose of reaching a wider audience.

The trailer also does a decent job of setting up the world Queen will be inhabiting; it provides a fairly comprehensive introduction to Arrow's allies and foes, as well as hinting at the requisite challenges any young superhero must face when learning to balance the complications of a dual identity. That world certainly does seem to be more grounded than most superhero offerings as of late, with Queen utilizing a more straightforward batch of hand-sharpened arrows, rather than the ultra-high tech type used by Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in The Avengers.

Now that The CW has grabbed our attention, it's going to feel like a long summer before Arrow premieres alongside its new running mate, in the form of the eighth (and possibly last) season of Supernatural, sometime in the fall. Hopefully, by that time, people will no longer be as compelled to mention The Avengers when talking about Arrow.


Needless to say, Screen Rant will be following the exploits of Oliver Queen when Arrow premieres sometime this fall on The CW.

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