Curtis Hanson to Direct Story of a Fake Cop

Curtis Hanson to direct a Clark Gregg script about a fake cop in a true story.

According to Deadline, the true story of a "36-year-old bank security guard" who posed as a law enforcement officer and successfully cracked down on the meth dealers plaguing a town in Missouri is going to be given the Hollywood treatment, and turned into a film written by Clark Gregg (Iron Man) and directed by Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential).

With Hanson and Gregg at the creative helm, audiences are in for an interesting time at the theater. Both are known for making varied artistic choices, and their bodies of work are a gallery of tonally eclectic projects, from 8 Mile to In Her Shoes and (500) Days of Summer to Iron Man 2. With the pair teaming up to tell the story of a real-life scenario that seams rich with comedic potential (but led to ruinous consequences) one has to expect the movie will ultimately feature a pretty dark brand of comedy.

Back in 2008, Bill Anthony Jakob was federally indicted on 23 counts, for offenses ranging from Mail Fraud to Impersonating an Officer of the DEA. He also sold his story to some Hollywood producers. The premise is, admittedly, brilliant - a guy does wrong to do right by the community.

Jakob convinced officials of Gerald, MO,  not only that was a lawman, but that he had the authority to make the arrests he was making by providence of The Patriot Act and The Department of Homeland Security. Of course, once a reporter's basic internet search uncovered the truth, the arrests he made on the very real meth dealers plaguing the town became immediately suspect, and 17 lawsuits from others claiming to have been unlawfully harassed or raided were linked to Jakob and local law enforcement.

It's a great story, and one that, with Hanson and Gregg, is likely to avoid the over-sentimentalizing and sugar-coating these sorts of stories usually get when translated to the big screen. More details as they arise.

Sources: Deadline (via Collider)

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