Frank Miller's Netflix Series Cursed Casts 13 Reasons Why Star

13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford has signed on to star in Cursed, the upcoming Netflix series that Frank Miller is developing with The Cape creator Tom Wheeler. Miller, of course, is the writer behind such iconic comic book stories as The Dark Knight Returns, 300 and Sin City, whereas Wheeler is known for writing far more family-friendly material like the animated films Puss in Boots and The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

While Miller is joining fellow comic book industry titan Mark Millar in producing original content for Netflix, Cursed is the only project he's producing for the company at the moment. Miller is nevertheless branching out into television elsewhere, having regained the Sin City TV rights in the wake of the collapse of the Weinstein Company (which backed the Sin City movies that Miller and Robert Rodriguez directed). It's not known if Miller has any plans to make a Sin City TV series for Netflix, but it's certainly possible now that the pair are moving forward together on Cursed.

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Langford also has a previously-established working relationship with Netflix, having starred in the first two seasons of the streamer's popular (though controversial) YA drama adaptation 13 Reasons Why. The actor ruled out her return to the show shortly after season 2 premiered earlier this year, before it was officially renewed for a third season in July. Nevertheless, she's clearly happy to continue working with Netflix, having formally signed on to headline Cursed instead.

Frank Miller

Wheeler is writing and serving as showrunner on Cursed, with Miller producing and Zetna Fuentes (Jessica Jones) directing the first two episodes of the ten episode series. Langford will star as Nimue, a teenager who goes on to become the famous Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend. For more on that, read the official synopsis for the series below:

Cursed, based on the upcoming book of the same name, is a re-imagination of the Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of Nimue. It is a coming-of-age story whose themes are familiar to our own time: the obliteration of the natural world, religious terror, senseless war, and finding the courage to lead in the face of the impossible.

Fantasy elements aside, the role of Nimue will be somewhat familiar territory for Langford. Her 13 Reasons Why character, Hannah Baker, was also a teenager who ultimately met a tragic fate, with her suicide serving as the event that sets the larger story in motion. Miller has come under fire in the past for portraying female characters like Nimue in a sexist fashion and often subjecting them to unnecessary brutality, so it's probably for the best that (by the sound of it) Wheeler will be doing more of the writing on Cursed than Miller.

As for the "upcoming book" mentioned in the synopsis - Wheeler is writing a companion book for Cursed, with Miller providing black and white illustrations. The book will be published in Fall 2019 and may yet prove to be a helpful companion piece to the series proper, given that both are being simultaneously developed by the same creatives.

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Cursed begins streaming on Netflix sometime in 2019.

Source: Netflix

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