15 Current Rumors That DC Doesn’t Want Fans To Know

The DCEU may be one of the most divisive movie franchises in history. Adored by hardcore fans but lambasted by critics, financially profitable yet not as successful as they need to be, the movies in the DCEU so far have been filled with peaks and valleys.

Beginning with Man Of Steel in 2013, the DCEU is now five films into its existence, with most of the movies being considered disappointments, and only one of those movies -- Wonder Woman -- being a home run success with critics, fans, and financiers. However, despite this, Warner Bros. is staying the cinematic course, with over 20 rumored projects in the works.

Undertaking massive titles like The Batman and lesser known properties like Justice League Dark, Warner Bros. is full steam ahead with the cinematic universe regardless of the perceived failures of the franchise's first few outings.

With some many projects in development at once, rumors about every last one of them are to be expected. Whether it be rumors about when certain heroes are going to debut, whos going to direct which project, or which actors will be portraying their favorite characters, fans and industry insiders alike have speculated wildly about the future facets of the DCEU.

From casting announcements to plot details, from heroes to villains, here are the 15 Rumors That DC Doesn't Want Fans To Know.

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15 Wonder Woman 2 will take place during the Cold War

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, the only grand slam success of the DCEU no far, is now the centerpiece of the universe, and rightfully so. Gadot's portrayal of Diana Prince is magnetic and Patty Jenkins' direction of Wonder Woman was nothing short of perfect. With both star and director already signed on for a sequel, Warner Bros. was wise to fast-track the project.

Early news about the project indicates that, not only will the film be set in the 1980's during the Cold War, but that Chris Pine will somehow be reprising his role as Steve Trevor.

While we have no idea how Warner Bros. plans on working a long-dead Steve Trevor into the plot, the idea of the Wonder Woman sequel being another period piece sounds like an excellent idea to us.

14 Green Lantern Corps will feature Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart

Ever since the DCEU was announced, fans have been wondering if Warner Bros. would redeem themselves and their portrayal of Green Lantern after the disaster that was 2011's Green Lantern movie.

While it took some time, fans eventually got their answer: not only would Warner Bros. being trying again with Hal Jordan, but they will also be introducing the Jon Stewart version of the Green Lantern as well.

Other than its release date (July 24, 2020), information about Green Lantern Corps has been sparse. Tyrese Gibson has been campaigning hard for the role of Jon Stewart, but luckily, Warner Bros. has been smart enough to stay away. If Warner Bros. were smart, they'd have their eyes all over Idris Elba.

As for the role of Hal Jordan, any A-list actor with a strong jawline will do just fine.

13 Flashpoint Will Reboot The Entire DCEU

After Wonder Woman, fans of the DCEU thought that the franchise had found its direction, offering hope for the future. However, after the massive flop that was Justice League, The Wrap provided an in-depth piece that detailed both the past and the future of the downtrodden cinematic universe, including the role that Flashpoint will play in all of this.

The article revealed that Ben Affleck, who has played Batman in three DCEU movies so far, will appear in Flashpoint but won't appear in The Batman, which can only mean one thing: Flashpoint will be used to introduce a new Batman, and therefore, will serve as a soft reboot of the entire universe.

The reason we're calling it a "soft reboot"? We don't see Warner Bros. getting rid of Gal Gadot's tour-de-force Wonder Woman anytime soon.

12 Jake Gyllenhaal Will Replace Ben Affleck As Bruce Wayne

Jake Gyllenhaal Batman

Of all the Batman rumors out there, this one is easily the most tantalizing. One of the most talented actors in Hollywood, Jake Gyllenhaal would be the perfect person to take over the cape and cowl once Ben Affleck retires.

Given that he was clearly checked out in Justice League, the recent news that Affleck will appear in Flashpoint but won't appear in The Batman is a mere formality. The search for a new Batman / Bruce Wayne is officially underway and some fans believe that there is no better option than Jake Gyllenhaal.

With a range as wide as any actor of his generation, Gyllenhaal would be able to express all the intricate emotions that come with being someone as complex as Bruce Wayne.

11 Darkseid Will Be The Villain In Justice League 2

Justice League and Darkseid

Though his name was only mentioned in passing in Justice League, the presence of Darkseid, the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips and Steppenwolf's uncle, is definitely felt throughout the film.

Now that Justice League's success, or lack thereof, has caused Warner Bros. to rethink their strategy for the DCEU, their plans for Darkseid might have changed as well. Last fans heard, though, Darkseid was scheduled to succeed Steppenwolf as the big bad of the DCEU.

However, given that the CGI used to create Steppenwolf was one of the loudest criticisms of Justice League, Warner Bros. may want to reconsider before they head down further down the Apokoliptic path. Then again, Warner Bros. hasn't necessarily been known for their smart decisions regarding the DCEU thus far, so only time will tell.

10 Nightwing & Barbara Gordon Will Appear in The Batman

Rumors are going around that Nightwing and Barbara Gordon will be making their DCEU debuts in The Batman, with both characters having solo project in the works.

Nightwing, who has never appeared on film before, is one of the more intriguing characters on the DC Comics roster. Dick Grayson, the original Robin, dons the Nightwing mask, amounting to what's essentially Batman-lite. What that means is, if done properly, a Nightwing film could be as profitable as any character in the DCEU.

With both characters having solo projects in the works (Joss Whedon is currently signed on to direct Batgirl, while Chris McKay is directing a Nightwing movie), The Batman seems as logical a time as any to introduce the two Batman stalwarts.

9 Aquaman Will Feature 3 Villains: Black Manta, Ocean Master, and The Trench

Aquaman Black Manta

For all of its faults, one thing that Justice League did supremely well was introduce Jason Mamoa's version of Aquaman, and with Aquaman being the next film in the DCEU, Warner Bros. is hoping to launch this movie as (yet another) course correction.

Aquaman wrapped back in October, so what's done is done, but rumors that three villains will appear in Aquaman has us worried. We all know what happened when Spider-Man 3 tried that and the DCEU is in no shape to be taking those sorts of creative gambles.

James Wan sitting in the director's chair certainly helps calm fans' nerves, but when rumors are swirling that Black Manta, Ocean Master, and the Trench will all be appearing, doubt begins to creep in.

Fans will be able to find out just how many villains appear in Aquaman when it hits theaters on December 21, 2018.

8 Channing Tatum will have a role in the DCEU

With comic book movies being as popular as they are, only a handful of A-list names have yet to pledge their allegiance to either DC or Marvel.

Actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon have yet to sign onto any comic book franchise, but given how profitable these movies can be, it may only be a matter of time.

Then there's the case of Channing Tatum, who's long been attached to a Gambit project with 20th Century Fox. However, despite this, Tatum has been rumored to join the DCEU for some time.

As a handsome dude with a strong jawline, we can't help but feel like Tatum would be a perfect fit for the role Hal Jordan.

7 Catwoman & Poison Ivy Will Debut In Gotham City Sirens

Following the bust that was Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. was relatively eager to announce a Gotham City Sirens project with David Ayer attached to direct and Margot Robbie set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn.

Little has been revealed about the project since, but that hasn't kept fans from speculating which heroines (or villainesses?) will appear.

Given the source material, it's safe to assume that Robbie's Harley Quinn will be accompanied by Catwoman and Poison Ivy, so the only question now is who will be playing them and when will they debut.

Some fans speculate that they could appear in Suicide Squad 2, but given the already congested feel of Suicide Squad, we have a feeling that Warner Bros. will want to save the debut of these heavy hitters for their own film.

6 Matthew Vaughn Will Direct Man Of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2 - Matthew Vaughn may direct

Yes, despite the fact that Justice League was a minor disaster, plans for a Man Of Steel sequel are still on track. Surprisingly, the prospect of a sequel is actually quite promising.

While no official word has been released, Matthew Vaughn has confirmed that he's had talks with Warner Bros. about directing the sequel to the original DCEU film.

Vaughn, known for directing films such as Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, as well as Kingsman: The Secret Service is unquestionably one of the most talented action directors in the business, so giving him the keys to Superman would be a shrewd move on Warner Bros. part.

If Vaughn is able to inject his trademark style and flair into the Man Of Steel franchise, then we have no doubt that he'll be able to turn Superman around.

5 Supergirl will appear in Man Of Steel 2

Put frankly, Warner Bros. needs box office hits and they need them fast. Luckily for them, they already have something that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't: proven success with a female hero.

Wonder Woman has been by far the DCEU's biggest critical and financial success, so the introduction of another, equally powerful heroine only seems logical.

While early rumors of Supergirl's appearance in a Man Of Steel sequel have been debunked, that doesn't mean that they're debunked for good.

Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kingsman: The Secret Service) is currently in talks to direct the Man Of Steel sequel, and given the genius that is Vaughn, we have a feeling that the success of Wonder Woman will compel him to introduce an awesome heroine of his own.

4 Mark Strong will be playing the villain in Shazam!

Though most fans forget this (as they rightfully should), Mark Strong has already appeared in a DC movie-- 2011's Green Lantern.

Portraying Sinestro, Strong was as convincing as he could be in that hot mess of a movie. However, just like Ryan Reynolds, who went on to star in Deadpool, Strong does not seem to be quite finished with comic book movies just yet, no matter how bad of a taste Green Lantern left in his mouth.

Back in early November, news broke that Strong was being eyed to play the villain in 2019's Shazam!, despite the fact that Dwayne Johnson's anti-heroic Black Adam was already set to appear. That's just fine, though, because good projects become better projects when a talent like Mark Strong is involved.

3 Tim Drake's Robin Will Appear in The Batman

Given that Nightwing (Dick Grayson -- the original Robin) and Barbara Gordon (Oracle, Batgirl, or otherwise) are rumored to make the DCEU debuts in The Batman, it only makes sense that the Tim Drake version of Robin would make his debut in The Batman too. Batgirl, Nightwing, and Tim Drake's Robin are the Paul, Ringo, and George to Batman's John Lennon.

Like most things regarding the Dark Knight (besides the fact that Matthew Reeves is directing), not much is known about who will appear in The Batman or what it will be about.

However, given that it will be the first solo Batman movie in the DCEU, fans are expecting to be introduced to all sorts of characters from Batman lore-- both heroes and villains alike.

2 Black Adam Will Debut In Suicide Squad 2

Is there any star in the world bigger than Dwayne Johnson? The answer is no. In fact, Johnson's star has grown so bright that there are even murmurs of him running for president in 2020.

So, if that's the case, Warner Bros. has no choice but to stick to the 2019 release date for Shazam. They would then need to introduce it's characters as soon as possible.

Early rumors have suggested that Black Adam could debut, and possibly be the main antagonist, in Suicide Squad 2. Neither Dwayne Johnson, Warner Bros., nor Suicide Squad 2 director Gavin O'Connor have commented on Black Adam's possible appearance, but if Warner Bros. does want The Rock to star as Black Adam, they're going to need to make it happen sooner then later.

1 Red Hood will make his debut in The Batman

Similar to Nightwing, a properly executed Red Hood movie has the potential to be every bit as profitable as a Batman movie.

One of the darker stories in DC Comics history, Red Hood's identity is Jason Todd, the second Robin that was beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker. But following that death, Todd's character was resurrected as Red Hood, a vigilante who is not afraid to kill.

An anti-hero with a personal connection to the Dark Knight, Red Hood would serve as the ultimate adversary to Batman, both physically and emotionally. As fans of Batman know, Bruce Wayne considers the death of Jason Todd to be his greatest failure, and a cinematic exploration into that guilt would likely be comic book movie gold.


Can you think of any other DC rumors that they're trying to hide from fans? Let us know in the comments!

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