Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Says Season 9 Is Set For Fall 2017 Premiere

Comedian J.B. Smoove announces that after a long wait, season 9 of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm now has an official 2017 premiere date.

Curb Your Enthusiasm star J.B. Smoove has just revealed that the highly anticipated ninth season of the series will premiere October 1 on HBO. Smoove, who plays the hilarious and always charming Leon Black has been something of an unofficial spokesman for the new season, ever since filming began in Los Angeles last November. To date we knew that a new season of Curb would air at some point in 2017, but an exact date had not been announced.

It’s been a long wait for diehard fans of the series, which chronicles the ins and outs (but mostly outs) of famed Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s life. Season 8 saw Larry return to his hometown of New York City following his divorce from his beloved Cheryl (Cheryl Hines), alongside a stacked cast that included guest-starring roles from Michael J. Fox, Ricky Gervais and Rosie O’Donnell. That was back in 2011 and from then on, fans weren’t certain whether or not David was ever going to commit to a new season.

Now thanks to a post on actor Dan Deluca’s Instagram account, confirmation of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s season 9 release date has arrived. The announcement was made during Roots Picnic, a hip-hop festival in Philadelphia hosted by multi Grammy Award-winning group The Roots. Smoove was on hand to introduce the band, but before he did, he told the crowd that season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm would be coming to HBO on October 1.

JB Smoove (with Amanda Seales) introducing The Roots and announcing that Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back to HBO on October 1. #rootspicnic

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To say that a lot of questions surround this new Curb season is an understatement. Many years have passed and the world has changed a lot since 2011. That being said, likely one of the biggest questions fans will be asking is whether or not Larry and Cheryl will somehow manage to get back together and pick up the pieces of their often hilarious relationship. Some fans contend that Curb has never been the same since Larry and Cheryl went their separate ways back in season six, while others feel that Larry’s newfound bachelorhood adds an element of awkwardness and trouble to his already contentious life.

At the same time, the question must also be asked if too much of a good thing is also a possibility with a new season of Curb. It’s no secret that (aside from a select few examples), the longer a comedic series runs the harder it can become to keep the momentum and humor going. And although Larry’s marital troubles are a huge talking point for the series, this has been the case for three seasons now. It would be nice to see something new and/or bigger take up Larry’s time in the upcoming season.

Still, when it comes to sheer comedic talent, there are arguably few minds out there with the knack for creating genuinely funny situations like Larry David can. Time and time again over the years David has more than proven himself as one of the great masters of the comedic genre and with so much time to ruminate and plan, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s ninth season has all the makings of the sort of hilarity and cringe-worthy moments that only Larry David can create.

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Source: Dan Deluca

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