Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 May Premiere in 2017

Larry David

When news hit that Larry David had made the decision to resume Curb Your Enthusiasm for season 9, fans of both the series and David’s own brand of irreverent, neurotic humor were thrilled. It has been five long years since David last brought his onscreen exploits to HBO and to Curb’s particular brand of curmudgeon-loving devotees.

Unsurprisingly, no sooner had the announcement of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s return been made than the internet was buzzing with questions of exactly when the series would return, which characters would be involved, and whether or not David could ever get his elusive ex-wife Cheryl back into his life once again. Curb’s producer had recently teased fans that it wouldn't be long before the new series arrived, but no specific arrival date has been confirmed.

Well, Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9 has become a little more real. Screen Crush reports that president of HBO programming Casey Bloys has stated during an ongoing TCA press panel tour that Curb’s newest season should start filming in the fall, with an estimated airing at some point in 2017. Bloy’s comments also included what he knew thus far of Larry David’s commitment to get things rolling and the yet to be confirmed cast’s participation.

"I think possibly [it will shoot] this fall and will air sometime in ’17. That could slide but he’s definitely gearing up for it. I would imagine, my hope is most of the cast [will return], but we don’t have any of those details worked out yet."


Curb Your Enthusiasm

To date there hasn’t been any word as to what season 9 will look like, but fans of the series know that in the five years since they’ve last seen David, his outlook on life is unlikely to have changed. Cheryl Hines -- who has played David’s wife since the beginning of the series – recently spoke about her own involvement with season 9 as well, keeping hope alive among many fans that maybe this will be the season where Larry and Cheryl finally get back together. Said Hines on the subject of her return for more Curb:

"As far as I know I am involved. I don’t know what the season is about or if I’m involved, but I texted Larry and he said if I’m not too busy he wants me to be in it. So, that’s all I know."

Some Curb Your Enthusiasm purists would argue that the series took a turn for the worse when Larry and Cheryl split up and that it was her opposition to David’s argumentative and cynical worldview that made the show so funny. Others point to the departure of Cheryl from Larry’s life and JB Smoove’s subsequent arrival as a particular highlight in the Curb canon. While both elements indeed bring something special, season 9 definitely feels like the perfect place for a new twist in the dysfunctional tale of Larry David.

The news that Curb Your Enthusiasm will likely arrive in 2017 is music to the ears of fans. As with any popular series, some seasons are stronger than others, but taken as a whole, Curb Your Enthusiasm has maintained a remarkable comedic legacy over the past eight seasons. Season 9 will hopefully continue this mark of excellence and leave fans hungry for more.

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Source: Screen Crush

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