'Curb Your Enthusiasm': Larry David Says Season 9 Unlikely; No Final Episode

Larry David

With show revivals all the rage thanks to the likes of Netflix, it’s no surprise there’s once again talk of Curb Your Enthusiasm returning to HBO for a much rumored season 9. However, things now aren't looking too hopeful.

In his first ever interview with Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio this morning, while promoting his new Broadway show "Fish in the Dark", Larry David took to the microphone to make a few things clear regarding the chances of the fictionalized version of himself ever returning to the small screen, as well as why it's very unlikely that a final episode will ever be produced. When asked if there's a chance Curb could ever back, David said:

I'm so attached to the show that I can't bring myself to say that there won't be; I'd say that the odds are against it.

When asked if HBO has been made aware of that fact, the creator explained:

HBO knows the odds are against it. I'm not ruling it out. I mean, it's been a while. I don't want to go back to the show and look 10 years older than I did in the last episode.

Reviving a television series is never as simple as people just wanting to do it, but in the case of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it appears fans can’t even get that. However, it is clear from these statements that David does in fact love the show he created, and his hesitation has less to do with a lack of desire and more with wanting to make sure that, if he did do it, the resulting content would do all the previous work justice – and that’s a tall order for something as beloved as Curb.

And when asked by Stern if a final episode has been written, David stated:

No. After the Seinfeld finale, I'm done with final episodes.

But, there’s one glimmer of hope in the form of whether or not David would be up for a final two-three episode run:

I could; I could also do a Curb movie.

That said, HBO did already manage to revive The Comeback with successful results in both ratings and acclaim so, really, as long as Larry David’s still breathing, there’s no reason to completely write off the idea of more Curb just yet. Also, let’s not forget that HBO has been all about reviving past successes lately, just ask the boys from Entourage.


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Source: Howard Stern

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