Larry David Returns in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8 Trailer

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Trailer

Following-up the critically lauded seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was going to be an especially difficult task - considering the charming and (finally) satisfying Seinfeld reunion and/or finale to the 90s-era TV staple. At first, writer, actor, producer, and lovable troublemaker Larry David was, as always, non-chalant about drawing the series out for another season.

However, with the release of the season 8 trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm we finally have live-action proof that David is set to deliver another year of the show - and alienate loads of people along the way. It's been a weird eighteen-month hiatus for David - who was recently cast as a female nun in the Farrelly brother's Three Stooges remake film. Fans of David's irreverent brand of comedy might have been equally surprised to see the actor featured so prominently in the premier episode of The Paul Reiser Show - which attempted to position itself as the Curb of network television. Unfortunately for Reiser, the episode only served to prove how in-over-its-head the fledgling series was - and subsequently reminding viewers how much they missed David.

Finally, just under two months ahead of the season eight Curb Your Enthusiasm premier, scheduled for July 10th, we've got the first trailer for the highly-anticipated return of the series.

Check out the Curb Your Enthusiasm season eight trailer below:

The trailer is pretty standard Curb fare - which is a good thing. As usual, David offers up his own brand of wisdom on topics ranging from parking etiquette, cleaning up after pets, and cab anarchy. A number of guest-stars appear in just the trailer alone: superstar Michael J. Fox, actor Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and comedian Paul F. Tompkins (The Informant!) - with plenty more undoubtedly set to appear throughout the season's run.

As an added bonus, we're including HBO's season 8 behind-the-scenes featurette - just to give fans an idea of the trouble David has been stirring up in the between seasons hiatus (as well as teases future appearances by Ricky Gervais and Ana Gasteyer).

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Curb Your Enthusiasm season eight will debut Sunday July 10th at 10PM on HBO.

Source: HBO [via TV Squad]

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