Cult of Chucky: How To See The Unrated Cut

Cult of Chucky - the newest installment in the Child's Play franchise - has hit DVD, Blu-Ray, and Netflix, but not all options are created equal.

This past Tuesday saw Cult of Chucky - the newest installment in the long-running Child's Play franchise - become available for consumption by the masses. Like prior sequel Curse of Chucky, Cult didn't go to theaters, instead releasing straight to DVD and Blu-Ray. Cult also received a same-day Netflix release as well. That said, just because Cult bypassed the big screen, doesn't mean it's not worth seeing, as early reactions from both fans and critics have been very positive.

Before one decides to watch Cult of Chucky, there is some information they should know. Like Curse, Cult has been released in two versions, an R-rated cut and an unrated cut. While the unrated cut only runs about a minute longer than the R-rated, the unrated cut contains some additional gore added onto Chucky's kills, and is obviously the version that true fans of the series will likely prefer. After all, if one sits down to watch a slasher movie, one likely wants it to be as full of the red stuff as possible.

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The cheapest way for most people to watch Cult of Chucky will be through their existing Netflix subscription, but unfortunately, the version on Netflix is the R-rated cut, and there is no way to watch the unrated cut through the platform. The only ways to watch the unrated cut of Cult are to either buy the movie on disc, or rent it through a traditional VOD platform. Those thinking of checking Cult out when it airs during AMC's annual Fear Fest programming block should keep the same info as mind, as the TV cut will likely be even more edited than the R-rated. There are a lot of things basic cable can show nowadays, but there is still much it can't.

Now, at this point, some may be thinking that a minute of extra gore isn't enough to make them bother seeking out Cult's unrated cut. Chucky himself would probably be disappointed in those people, as he doesn't just kill his victims in incredibly gory ways for himself, he does it for his loyal fans too. In all seriousness though, there is another big reason for viewers to want to make seeing Cult unrated a priority, although it involves revealing a very mild spoiler about the film.

Like Curse, Cult has an unadvertised post-credits scene. This sequence isn't a long one, but it contains a surprise likely to delight long-time fans of the Child's Play franchise, and also seems to be providing a bit of a sequel hook for a possible eighth Chucky adventure. This scene is only found at the end of the unrated cut. In other words, fans are strongly advised to seek out the unrated cut, for maximum enjoyment.

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