Cult of Chucky Director Responds to Movie Being Leaked

Cult of Chucky director Don Mancini has hit out at pirates who leaked the horror sequel to the internet ahead of its official release. The seventh installment in the Child's Play/Chucky franchise has the killer doll (Brad Dourif) returning to wreak vengeance on his enemies with the help of his former wife Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). The movie is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 3rd and will also hit Netflix on the same day.

The incredibly-durable film series featuring the murderous doll Chucky began with the 1988 theatrical film Child's Play, a surprise hit that launched two sequels in quick succession, followed by a more sporadic flow of follow-ups over the years. Over time the Chucky films have veered away from the original movie's slasher formula, becoming more comical and weird. Don Mancini has promised that Cult of Chucky will be a mind-bender, with influences ranging from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors to Christopher Nolan's Inception.

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Now, Cult of Chucky has found its way onto the internet early thanks to pirates and director Mancini has hit out against the ones responsible for leaking his film, ahead of its legitimate release. In a tweet, Mancini trashed the leakers while threatening to take legal action against those who outed themselves by posting about the leak online:

To the geniuses who leaked #cultofchucky & tweeted about it Congrats, not only are u terrible people, now Universal lawyers know who u r

— Don Mancini (@RealDonMancini) September 24, 2017

Though piracy is a huge problem for Hollywood in general, one could argue it is most damaging to smaller films like Cult of Chucky, which isn't receiving a theatrical release but is hoping to make money via physical media sales and streaming. Directors like Don Mancini have a strong argument when they point out that by getting these movies for free via piracy, cutting into the films' profits, fans are only making it harder for filmmakers to get their films made in the first place. If fans aren't willing to pay, goes the argument, then the movies will simply stop being made and they will no longer have anything new to watch.

It's understandable that creators like Mancini would get angry and lash out online, given all the damage piracy does to their movies' bottom lines. However, it's hard to see what can practically be done to stop online piracy from going on. Even big, powerful outfits like HBO have seen themselves fall victim to leaks, so what can smaller companies and independent producers hope to do to stop their creations from being leaked? Lawsuits and threats have been tried, but this has largely resulted in a wack-a-mole situation where every time you stop a pirate site from leaking content, another one just springs up in its place.

It's tough to tell a director like Don Mancini, who is clearly passionate about his work, to just suck it up and deal with piracy but it's also hard to think of a real workable solution to the issue. Perhaps if more filmmakers like Mancini take to social media and other outlets to voice their opinions, at least a few more fans will be shamed into giving up piracy, and will begin digging into their pockets to financially support movies like Cult of Chucky.

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