'Cube' Reboot 'Cubed' Being Developed by Lionsgate

Cube 1997

At this point in time, remakes are something that moviegoers have had to accept as a fact of life.

In fact, it would almost be easier to name the notable films of the 80's and 90's that haven't either already been remade or have a remake in the works than it would be to name the properties that are being left alone. Next on the remake chopping block: 1997 sci-fi/horror cult classic Cube, the feature directing debut of Vincenzo Natali - a man who's gone on to have a fairly steady career in both film (Splice) and television (Hannibal).

Cube is a simple story based on a relatively ingenious concept that has since gone on to be ripped off by countless other genre efforts. A group of seven, vastly different people begin the film by awakening inside various cube-shaped rooms, with no idea where they are or why they've been taken there. However, each room is equipped with an escape hatch, enabling the splintered group to find each other and try to escape - assuming they can avoid the deadly traps, programmed to trigger upon the entrance or specific action of a new occupant.

THR reports a Cube remake/reboot/re-imagining (call it what you want) is currently being prepped by Lionsgate. Entitled Cubed, this new version will retain the original film's basic premise and be directed by up-and-coming Iranian-American filmmaker Saman Kesh - whose recent sci-fi short film Controller impressed Hollywood power players enough to earn him the gig.

You can watch Kesh's original Controller short, below:

Made for less than half a million dollars, Cube rode mostly positive reviews and great word of mouth to a long life on home video and a cult fanbase that has only grown since its release. With that in mind, it's no wonder than Lionsgate is looking to capitalize on its notoriety with a remake.

The gut reaction of Cube fans may be to spurn the idea of a studio remake - especially since almost nobody seemed to enjoy the slightly bigger budgeted, direct to video sequels Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube Zero. Still, this may be one concept that could really capitalize on the added resources.

Cube 1997 - Characters

As cool as the traps were in the original Cube, the budget definitely limited what Natali could pull off. Also, special effects capabilities overall have vastly increased in the nearly two decades since 1997. CGI was still in its relative infancy then as well - and when combined with Cube's micro-budget, that made some of the computer generated effects shots look noticeably weak. With a Hollywood budget and modern effects, the only thing limiting Cubed's deaths will be the imaginations of its creators.

Will Lionsgate's Cube remake transcend the pitfalls suffered by the original film's sequels, or will viewers enter the theater and immediately look for the escape hatch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Cubed is in early development and has no current release date.

Source: THR

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