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Back on the case, Nick and Langston check out the casino where Wilkes was drinking the evening of the accident. While searching through the videos they find that Ocampo's security consultant, Tom O'Neil had met with Wilkes three hours before the accident. Upon questioning by Brass, O'Neil admits to the meeting, but implies that it was to get Wilkes to leave Olivia Hamilton alone. With O'Neil confident in his answers, Langston enters the room with a bag recovered from O'Neil's room. Inside, they find a helmet with airbag dust on it.

After some chit chat between Catherine and Sara about team leadership, unity and baseball we return to the moment where the episode started. This time we get to see what's happening. Some men dressed in suits and sunglasses enter the morgue, make a mess and start to leave with a body. Shooting occurs and Langston pulls out some Karate moves. Outside the delivery van pulls up and the well dressed men throw the body bag inside. Nick and Sara catch the delivery van outside and start shooting at them.


In the aftermath, we not only find out that two people (unknowns) who were shot from the lab, but they'll recover. We also find out that the men in the suits were Russian mobsters posing as morticians. The team believes that the mobsters were after the actress's body, but we find out that the body taken was the robbery victim from Greg's case.

As in the usual CSI fashion, the two cases of the episode come together as we find out that Greg's robbery victim is Olivia Hamilton's father. After Nick and Sara visit another crime scene in the woods where a wood chipper is situated, we find what the Russian mobsters mulched the stolen body.

As the episode starts wrapping up, we find that Ocampo's security consultant, Tom O'Neil was paid, by an outside source, to break up the relationship because his client and Olivia Hamilton. As O'Neil was trailing Olivia, he catches her meeting with and old man (her father). O'Neil gets curious and questions the old man, not knowing it's her father. O'Neil's questions anger Olivia's father and things quickly get physical. During the altercation, O'Neil accidently killed Olivia's father. Overwhelmed by murdering someone, O'Neil felt that there was only one thing to do; Kill Olivia Hamilton as he would no longer have a connection to the murdered her father and the relationship between her and Ocampo would be over. O'Neil used Wilkes, a known stalker, as a fall guy to him murdering Olivia Hamilton.

With no proof, Langston theorizes that the reason for mulching the body was that something in, on or about the body could connect him to the murders. With Nick and Sara gloved up and digging around in the human mulch, they find one of O'Neil's cufflinks. Olivia's father swallowed it during their altercation and O'Neil noticed it on an X -ray in the lab.

With Tom O'Neil arrested, we're back in the lab. Nick and Greg are playing around with the tarantula shown in the beginning of the episode. After some messing around, Nick realizes that they're not looking at his tarantula but "little Stevie" who one of Grissiom's tarantulas that went missing a long time ago. After that realization, Catherine beckons Nick into her office where she promotes Nick to assistant supervisor for the graveyard shift. Nick doesn't seem too thrilled.

We close the episode with Langston and Doc in the morgue looking over the body of Joseph Biggalo. As they theorize what had killed him, Doc cuts open his chest and something shocks them. It cuts to black before anything is revealed.


As there was little build up from last season, there weren't any continuing storylines that needed to be addressed right away. Overall, I'm not really impressed with this episode. I felt that I was 12 steps ahead the entire way. Sure, the father was a surprise, but after I saw the man in the hospital five minutes into the start of the episode, I knew he wasn't the killer. It just doesn't work that way.

Maybe I've been spoiled with great storylines like the miniature killer, but I wouldn't consider this a great start to the season. Especially with how poorly they used Sara's character. I'm sure there are many logical production reasons why they had to do what they did, but as a viewer, I don't care. I see Sara and I see her used poorly. I don't see production only having Jorja Fox for two days of shooting. One thing I will note - It was interesting how they used Riley's "departure" to progress Catherine's storyline and character development.

Overall, it was a decent episode. Something that will entertain you, but one you'll skip on reruns.

What did you think? Was Sara's return everything you hoped for? Are you excited for this season of CSI? More importantly, what was in that man's chest at the end of the episode?


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