CSI: NY Premiere Recap, Review & Discussion

As the information unravels, it appears that they're not so much targeting the police as much as they're trying scare people away? We find out that the killed informant was not only in the bar with the CSI team the night of the shooting, (she caught some shrapnel in the shoulder) but also worked in the same building.

With a lucky break by some brave, but dead, man named Albert, they have a lot of blood that belongs to the unsub (oops, wrong show. That's Criminal Minds.). Turns out the guy they're looking for is named David Wilson. By the time they find him, he's dead. He was "dropped off" at the hospital and by "dropped off" I mean they threw him out of the car, but at least it was at the hospital. That's good, right?

Come to find out, it leads back to a guy named Tyson Menlo. As the police bust into his residence we find the mysterious brother Jake standing in front of Menlo with a gun pointed at him. Angry about his sister's death, he's threatening to shoot. The police attempt to stop him, but there's no stopping him. Brother Jake kills Tyson Menlo.

After some questioning by the very angry Mac, Jake confesses that they weren't trying to target cops or kill anyone, but that they were trying to get the city to work for them? I'm still not sure if I understand that. I guess it's some kind of power thing? As they review the message that was left on the tip line by the informant we find out that the reason why she was at the bar was to stop her brother and the others from continuing their plan to shoot up the city. She felt that if her brother saw her in front of the bar that they would call it off. Unfortunately, her brother wasn't in the car at the time.

The episode ended with a moving montage of the team and what they're up to and we end with Danny in his wheelchair staring at his feet. He's trying to make them move with all his might and finally, they do. (Told ya 10% is enough)


It's hard to describe how I feel about this episode. On one hand, I really enjoyed it - I thought the story was good and interesting and I'm content with everything that happened. On the other hand, this was an episode that I have been waiting months for. After everything that happened in the fifth season finale, I was expecting some kind of continuation of that. The only continuation apparent is from that of the view. Even the team didn't think it had anything to do with anyone involved in last season's finale. Dunbrook isn't even in this episode. If not for flashbacks they wouldn't have even said Angell's name. I feel kind of cheated on that point... It was a false climax. You would think that after being on the air for six seasons they wouldn't feel the need to do such things.

Ultimately, it was a good episode on its own, but if you view them as marked (Part 1 & 2), then it's a poor combined episode. I have to say that the best thing to come out of this episode is that Adam and Bonasera hooked up. Yeah, and then Adam agreed with Bonasera that they should never do that again. I'm sure that's exactly what he was thinking.

What do you think about  this premiere episode? Was it everything you expected it to be? Were all of your questions answered? Are you happy with the answers? Am I wrong? (Of course not, but I just thought I'd be nice and put that.)

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