CSI: Best & Worst Relationships, Ranked

While CSI: Crime Scene Investigation had enough drama between burglaries, violent crimes and just about every employee being framed, abducted or offed during the show's run, writers opted to add in more drama with a few relationships. It's impossible to throw a bunch of humans together and expect otherwise, and as with any popular TV show, some of the relationships worked really well while others flopped or worse. Some managed to do both.

Shippers of every kind may have sprung up on fan forums across the Internet, rooting on characters that never even hinted at romance on the show to get together, but writers had some relationships in mind from day one.

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10 Worst: Grissom And Sara

While Grissom and Sara are one of the cutest couples in CSI, there's a lot to not like about their relationship over the years. Their student/teacher dynamic gives some people pause, as does their supervisor/subordinate status, which always gives Grissom the power.

Grissom has been criticized for leading Sara on over and over again with his flirty, cryptic comments, longing stares and smitten smirks from day one--not to mention his ineptitude as an actual partner. When Sara called him out on it, he said, "I don't know what to do about this," and she replied, "I do... you know by the time you figure it out, it really could be too late."

9 Best: Catherine And Grissom

For the most part, Catherine and Grissom worked really well not only as colleagues but as good friends. Catherine was often the only person willing to call Grissom out on his mistakes, push him when he hesitated to act and befriend the "bug man," and he was a friend to her when she desperately needed one after all of the abuse her ex put her through.

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The two did have a testy relationship at times, especially when Catherine got all buddy-buddy with Ecklie for a bit, but when it came down to it, the two could always depend upon one another. Then again, how could Catherine miss that he and Sara were an item long before they told the team?

8 Worst: Grissom And Sophia

After years of being baited with the Grissom/Sara will they, won't they question, many fans were outraged to find that Grissom had a romantic relationship with Sophia Curtis, a new detective brought into the show in season five.

Grissom had just admitted he didn't know what to do about "this" between himself and Sara Sidle in season three, and fans have always chalked it up to him being her boss. While he's not Sophia's boss, Grissom is her coworker, and it did seem rather callous for him to just start dating her out of the blue, without the chemistry he'd had with Sidle.

7 Best: Nick And Warrick

Gary Dourdan Warrick Brown CSI

Another one of the best BFF relationships on the show, Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown's relationship was among the best on TV prior to Warrick's demise. Their friendly banter, bets on the cases they worked on and hilarious comments made them a joy to watch.

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The depth of their relationship was also more visible when one or the other was in danger, such as when Nick was kidnapped and buried alive in season five's "Grave Danger." Nick was among the people most upset after discovering Warrick was gone forever, working tirelessly to find the person responsible and at one point even struggling with not shooting the suspect.

6 Worst: Sara And Hank

Hank Peddigrew was an EMT that Sara Sidle dated, but his wrongness for her was apparent early on when he was repulsed by her smell after she'd been dealing with a decomposing body. She still dated him through season three until it was discovered that Hank had been dating another woman at the same time without telling Sidle.

What's sort of hilarious is that Sara and Grissom have a dog named Hank on the show, who is played by Bruno, William Petersen's dog. Many snicker that it's an inside joke, and that Gil named his dog after the EMT to make the name belong to a literal dog as well.

5 Best: Greg And Morgan

The many flirty moments between Greg Sander and Morgan Brody gained the pair a devoted fan following that wished they would just get together. Between remarks about great minds thinking alike and kissing cousins, they haven't had as many Grissom/Sara quips but they've definitely looked cute together.

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Fans love to point out that in the series finale, in which Morgan hugs Greg immediately after bombs are deactivated, an engagement ring can be seen on her finger. Many hope that the ring was given to her by one Greg Sanders. Others point out that it might indicate a relationship with Hodges, but Morgan has insisted that he's just her best friend.

4 Worst: Lady Heather And Grissom

Lady Heather was one of the most interesting characters ever to be on CSI, and Melinda Clarke was fabulous in the role. Her life was understandably filled with drama based on her profession, but she gave audiences a look at what a woman in her profession might be like as a person. Her cool intellect and meditative presence made her a match for Gil Grissom, but it just didn't work with the series.

Not only was everyone admonished for hooking up with people involved in cases except Grissom, but he also dated Heather during all of that audience Sara Sidle-baiting, which was just stupid. The show had enough drama without petty triangles being introduced. If Grissom and Heather had their own series without these elements it would've worked much better.

3 Best: Catherine And Warrick

It's too bad that the showrunners of CSI never went anywhere with the Catherine Willows and Warrick Brown dynamic because the two were adorable together. They flirted at crime scenes and would have made such a great pair, especially since Catherine's daughter, Lindsey, took to Warrick like a father figure.

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While they never officially got together, their mutual attraction was palpable, and when Warrick suddenly got married in season six Catherine was visibly shaken, making passive aggressive jokes and insisting that she wanted to meet his wife, yet changing the subject while appearing uncomfortable. Given that they both fight addiction, it could have been a mutually beneficial relationship of support.

2 Worst: Catherine And Eddie

The worst couple in CSI history has to be Catherine Willows and her ex, Eddie. Not only did Eddie cheat on Catherine, but he left her with no money and a cocaine habit, not to mention a single mother with their daughter to raise.

Eddie was the worst. He called family services on his ex because she didn't pick up their daughter from a class one time, which many parents do once or twice in their lives. Everyone makes mistakes, but Eddie is the king of bad decisions, even going as far as to take a second mortgage out on their home. He's the epitome of toxic, even accusing Catherine of having an affair with Grissom. When Eddie is finally gone, it's better for everyone, even if it still hurts Catherine.

1 Best: Grissom And Sara

Even though Sara and Grissom have had the most dramatic breakups, reconciliations and breakups again over the years, and at times they've been rather terrible towards one another, they are also CSI's staple will they, won't they couple who are so cute and geeky in some ways that we couldn't help but root for them.

From that marriage proposal in beekeeper suits to all of their stakeouts, little comments at crime scenes and adorable moments at Grissom's home, and that epic scene where Griss tracks Sara down in Costa Rica to be with her, they make us always want to root for them.

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