Jason Momoa & Corin Hardy Still Working on The Crow Reboot?

In spite of rumors that the project is not happening, it is possible that Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy are still working on a reboot of The Crow.

The Crow Reboot Jason Momoa

Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa might still be working on a remake of The Crow. In 1989, Caliber Comics released a series of comic books called The Crow, about a young man named Eric who returns from the dead to get revenge on the people who murdered him and his girlfriend. The series was adapted to film in 1994, and that movie was followed by three sequels, a TV series, and more comics as well as novels. For years there have been rumors about a remake, but one thing after another has kept the film from being made.

Numerous actors have been attached to the project over the years. Luke Evans, Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Sam Witwer, Forest Whitaker, and Jack Huston are just a few of the many names which have been attached to or rumored for the film. Since 2014, the director attached to The Crow has been Corin Hardy. Last year, Jason Momoa signed on for the lead, and filming was supposed to begin in January of this year. But due to an issue with the rights, the movie got postponed again, and it looked like both Momoa and Hardy were out.

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But maybe looks can be deceiving. On July 31, Hardy posted a few telling photos on his Instagram. One was captioned as: "Crow dinner with legendary film producer Ed  Pressman." The other showed Hardy with Momoa, who responded to the picture by saying he couldn't wait for their future.

Crow dinner with legendary film producer Ed Pressman.

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..And it's also a wish of belated Birthday Mayhem to me ol' mucker @prideofgypsies Jason Momoa. Here's to you big man. ❤️????

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The future that Momoa is talking about may not refer to The Crow. They could have plans to work together on a different project someday. Momoa is certainly busy playing Aquaman in the DCEU and may not have time for The Crow right now. Still, the pictures and Momoa's comment have gotten fans excited about the possibility that the two men are still going to be the ones behind the reboot.

Though not all fans are eager for a remake. Actor Brandon Lee died while playing Eric in the original film, due to an accident with a gun during filming. While some consider the remake to be a different take on the comic books, others feel like it is disrespectful to Lee to remake the movie.

As to when the potential Crow reboot is happening and whether Hardy will direct and Momoa will star, that is still up in the air. But the remake is almost certain to happen, considering the popularity of the franchise. And while Hardy's Instagram is not proof that he is directing, or that it will star Momoa, it is certainly enough to excite those who want to see the movie happen with these two men involved.

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Source: Corin Hardy (via Screen Geek)

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