The Crow Reboot Now Aiming for Early 2016 Filming Start

The Crow

Relativity Media's The Crow franchise reboot is a project that has gone through numerous directors and leading men alike - including Luke Evans and Jack Huston in 2015 alone - during its never-ending attempts to climb out of pre-production limbo. Development on the comic book film adaptation stalled again this past summer when Relativity declared bankruptcy; not too long thereafter, The Crow creator James O'Barr offered his assurances that the movie reboot would yet see the light of day, all the same.

It's now being reported that Relativity intends to make The Crow its first post-bankruptcy production, rather than allowing its claim to the property rights to expire. Director Corin Hardy, who broke out as a filmmaker at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival with his indie horror flick The Hallow, remains onboard to call the shots on the project, when (if?) it begins shooting.

The Wrap is reporting that principal photography on The Crow (under Hardy's direction) is now gearing up to being by the first quarter of 2016 - March that year, to be exact. O'Barr, in the past, has claimed that Relavity has sunk nearly $20 million into its big screen reboot of The Crow since development got underway around 2008. Hence, Relativity remains less inclined to simply let the project pass to another studio, especially now that its bankruptcy declaration has given the organization something of a fresh slate to work from.

The Crow property originated as a comic book that was written by O'Barr in 1989, telling the story of Eric: a young man who returns from the dead in order to seek revenge, after his girlfriend and he are assaulted and murdered by a street gang. O'Barr's graphic novel gave rise to the cult hit 1994 movie of the same name directed by Alex Proyas and starring Brandon Lee (who infamously died from an on-set accident during production); there have since been multiple film sequels and a television series, though none of them proved able to replicate the success of the original Crow movie adaptation.

Brandon Lee in The Crow
Brandon Lee in The Crow

The Crow is a dark supernatural superhero property of sorts - and seeing as the superhero movie genre has yet to diminish in popularity (no matter how many keep predicting on that this will happen sooner than later), it's not surprising that Relatively so clearly wants to get a slice of that same pie. Whereas Universal Pictures appears to be re-inventing its rich catalog of classic monsters as modern-day dark superheroes with films like Dracula Untold and the upcoming The Mummy reboot, The Crow doesn't need any adjusting to fit that particular mold.

Mainstream comic book adaptations that feature true horror genre elements (like The Crow) are more of a rare specimen nowadays - and with Hardy overseeing the project, it's fair to assume that the Crow reboot will veer on the darker side too, in terms of its visuals and tone alike. For related reasons, there is room for The Crow to thrive in the current movie landscape; whether the film will ever actually make it out of pre-production and/or be able to stand alongside the 1994 film version, that's another matter.

We'll bring you more information on The Crow as it becomes available.

Source: The Wrap

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