Concept Artwork Reveals Bradley Cooper's 'The Crow' Character Design

It's been nearly three months since Bradley Cooper departed director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's reboot of The Crow movie series. Fresnadillo, himself, then left the project a couple months later. As a result, we're starting to see bits and pieces of pre-production info for the film begin to leak - as the movie's immediate future becomes increasingly murky.

Today, we've got an especially interesting behind-the-scenes peek at Fresnadillo's Crow treatment - with a set of pre-production concept artwork that details what Cooper would have looked like in the iconic Crow makeup.

Cooper had long been the frontrunner for the part, with the actor and director meeting on several occasions to discuss and collaborate on ideas for the reboot. While many fans were hesitant about Cooper attempting to fill the shoes of fan-favorite Brandon Lee, following nearly six months of discussion, Cooper dropped out of the film after scheduling conflicts with Alexander Proyas' Paradise Lost film - where the actor will play Lucifer.

But, for anyone who was especially excited about a Cooper-led Crow film, or anyone still scratching their heads trying to imagine what the actor would look like in Crow makeup, the following images (courtesy of Shock Till You Drop) may offer a bit of insight:

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While the images aren't particularly inspiring, it's important to remember that they represent pre-production artwork - not fully realized ideas about what the character would look like. Not to mention, The Crow doesn't offer a lot of inspired variation from interpretation to interpretation. Essentially, regardless of the actor, he's still (mostly) going to be a guy in clown make-up wearing black - and it's up to the performer to really make that basic formula ominous onscreen.

That said, who would have ever thought of putting a mohawk on Bradley Cooper? I might have paid the price of admission just to see him try and make that work from shot to shot.


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We will continue to keep you posted on the status of The Crow as more information is released.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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