'Crossbones' Gives Antoinette a Voice

[This is a review of Crossbones season 1, episode 6. There will be SPOILERS.]


Crossbones finally delivers its best episode since the premiere, revealing important insights into character motivations, which set up events nicely as we sail towards the finale.

In recent weeks, it's felt like the characters were just waiting for events to happen, as opposed to organically developing into something interesting to consume on a weekly basis. 'A Hole in the Head,' found that perfect balance between action, drama and suspense that one would expect from Luther series creator Neil Cross.

Antoinette, the beautifully horrific Woman in White plays an important role this week, instead of just showing up in Teach's hallucinations. Apparently, she and the commodore lived in the Carolinas for over two years. Her constant ramblings about taking something away from Blackbeard must be in connection with the baby she carries in his visions. The question now is what happened to that baby? Over the course of the season, we've seen their offspring as a newborn and as a young boy around eight-years-old. Could the boy still be alive, or was he even born?

The Nenna and Rose story took an unexpected turn for the better, as the pirate slit the throat of her blackmailer. It's surprising that this didn't happen before, but as we saw in last week's outing, Nenna has greater plans in mind far away from Santa Compana, which could make her a rich woman. Rose, though lovely, was poorly realized as a character, so her loss won't be missed. In the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see if Rose did in fact have a backup plan in the event of her death. Was she bluffing?

Without sounding too much like a broken record, it was no surprise that the most entertaining moments from 'A Hole in the Head' were spurred on by Tom Lowe and Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach's interactions. If Mr. Cross has achieved anything with Crossbones, it has been the superb character development of these two men. Every time they occupy a space onscreen, they instantly captivate without ever breaking a sweat. Malkovich may be the two-time Academy-Award nominee, but Coyle refuses to cower in presence of greatness, which makes these two a dynamic pair.

With only three episodes remaining, it now feels like the pieces are all set on their appropriate places on the chess board. The villainous William Jagger knows what Blackbeard's planning and has the renegade pirate's wife (Antoinette) in his custody. They seem to be on equal footing with Lowe still playing the wildcard role. While he and Teach may have found a sliver of common ground, they aren't yet allies in the true sense of the word; however, Lowe's love for Kate Balfour and the people of the island align him with the pirates if only for now.

Will Lowe's allegiance shift as this season's end draws near, or will he remain loyal to Blackbeard and his people? If you're still on board for this journey, how do think this episode fared in comparison to previous weeks? Keep watching to see how it all ends.


Crossbones continues with 'Beggarman' next Friday @10pm on NBC.


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