Crisis on Infinite Earths Synopsis Shocks Arrow's Stephen Amell

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The CW's Arrow star Stephen Amell reveals he was shocked by the synopsis for the Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover event. The Canadian actor debuted as Oliver Queen aka. Green Arrow back in 2012. He has since played the character for seven seasons. The show is currently in production on Arrow season 8, which is confirmed to be its last. Originally the only member of The CW's DC-based universe, the show has since spun off The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Despite starting life on CBS, Supergirl has since swapped networks and also officially joined the Arrowverse fold.

Their annual crossover event has become a staple of this particular multiverse. After sitting out the Elseworlds storyline last year, Legends of Tomorrow will be an integral part this time around. They will be joined by the newest addition to the Arrowverse - Ruby Rose's Batwoman - as well as, for the first time ever, the cast of fellow DC show, Black Lightning, which, until now, has occupied its own separate corner of The CW universe. Together they will combat the multiverse-destroying threat of The Anti-Monitor. Based on Marv Wolfman's seminal 1985 comic book storyline, anticipation is high for Crisis on Infinite Earths' five-hour adaptation to be an Endgame-level event.

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Posting on Twitter, Amell provoked further excitement from fans. Announcing that he'd read the official Crisis on Infinite Earths synopsis earlier in the day, the actor only had the subsequent capacity to offer three little words. "Holy f-cking sh-t," he declared, clearly in awe. Rapidly garnering over 10,000 likes, the post also provoked a predictable response. With one fan speaking up to tell the actor that he couldn't just randomly drop such information without warning, Amell added simply, "I can." Both the original tweet and its follow-up can be seen below:

Despite pleas from a mass of other fans, Amell, of course, refused to illuminate things any further. The actor has gotten understandably proficient at promoting the show while also maintaining its secrets. He recently shared an intense behind-the-scenes photo, though made sure to censor out the costume. The final season is set to be only 10 episodes. Amell already has his next job lined up, however, signing on for the Starz wrestling drama HeelsHaving previously appeared and competed within the WWE, it would appear to be a perfect fit.

In terms of Arrow, the show will walk a very thin tightrope. Not only does the limited amount of episodes have to tie in directly to the crossover, but they also have to tie up Oliver Queen's story in a satisfactory fashion. Despite the fact that season 7 wrapped up a good portion of the story - even completing the story of primary love interest, Felicity Smoak - there still remains multiple loose threads. As such, it's easy to see why Amell changed his mind about season 7 serving as the conclusion. He has since gone on to reveal that the ending is one he himself has pitched for a while.

Waiting to see for themselves how the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover synopsis reads will no doubt drive some fans crazy, even those that may think they already know what's coming after reading the comics. Coupled with his previous statements, however, Amell's latest one will also, at least, fuel the belief that both the crossover and Arrow's final season itself can definitely live up to the hype and hit one last bullseye.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths will begin on The CW on December 8

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