New Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser Shows Nash Wells Becoming Pariah

A new teaser played at the end of this week's Batwoman episode which hinted at Nash Wells from The Flash becoming Pariah in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Nash Wells becomes Pariah in Crisis on Infinite Earths

A new teaser for Crisis on Infinite Earths hints at Nash Wells transforming into Pariah. The Arrowverse crossover is almost upon fans, with the five-show arc officially starting next Sunday in Supergirl. The original comic book storyline for Crisis on Infinite Earths ran for 12 issues, and although The CW's adaption will of course have differences, it should also carry numerous similarities.

Few things on television are as anticipated as the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event. The crossover is bringing together all the DC shows on The CW, even including Black Lightning. Perhaps the biggest factor is the unprecedented amount of cameos and appearances which are slated to appear. Few thought they would ever see Ashley Scott's Huntress from the Birds of Prey show again, not to mention the various returning Superman actors. In October, an image popped up showing a Crisis version of Tom Cavanagh as Pariah. Now, fans may have just gotten a glimpse into that character's origins.

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At the end of this week's episode of Batwoman, a scene depicting Nash Wells from The Flash was shown. In it, Nash is in front of the mysterious wall he claimed serves as a portal to the Monitor. However, things take a different turn when a voice speaks. Check out the clip (via TV Promos) below.

This is an interesting scene for a couple of reasons. If this is indeed Nash becoming Pariah, his origin appears different than it was in the comics. Also, it's not confirmed who the mysterious voice belongs to. It sounds a bit different than the Monitor, so this could be the Anti-Monitor. It could also just be the Monitor's voice muffled. Whatever is happening in this scene serves as a pivotal bridge to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The CW has been heavily marketing Crisis on Infinite Earths. Last week, the network released a teaser showing heroes together and a Batsuit covered in cobwebs. Even if one is not a fan of the shows, there's no denying the network has created an impressive shared multiverse. 10 years ago, the idea of a Crisis on Infinite Earths adaption was laughable. In just one week, it will be reality. Some may wonder how the Arrowverse will carry on afterwards with the conclusion of Arrow. With an Arrow spin-off in the works as well as the upcoming show Superman and Lois, there's still a lot to look forward to post-Crisis. For now though, fans are going to be glued to the screen starting next week seeing how Crisis on Infinite Earths plays out, and what the event will leave changed forever.

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Source: TV Promos

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