Crisis on Infinite Earths Casts LaMonica Garrett as the Anti-Monitor

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LaMonica Garrett will play dual roles in the Arrowverse's upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, playing the villainous Anti-Monitor. The Arrowverse kicked off with Arrow all the way back in 2012, and the show would later go on to create such spinoffs as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Garrett made his debut as The Monitor in the show's last crossover, Elseworlds.

First seen on Earth 90 as it lay on the verge of collapse, he revealed himself in possession of The Book of Destiny. He would later bestow the book and all its powers upon Elseworlds' primary antagonist, John Deegan; and he later revealed that he had done so in order to test heroes ahead of an upcoming threat, so that he may find those who may be able to prevent it. That goal eventually led to him making a deal with Oliver Queen - one that would save both Supergirl and The Flash. The Monitor later returned in the finales for each show - putting in place even more pieces for the next crossover and - in a humorous fashion befitting the quirkiest Arrowverse show - simply to enjoy the Legends of Tomorrow's antics.

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Given his presence and fans' knowledge of the comics, it was expected The Anti-Monitor was on his way and would serve as the main antagonist for the titular multiverse crisis. Posting on Twitter, Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that this would indeed be the case. Not only that, but he revealed that Garrett would be the one to bring the villain to life. To celebrate the news, he shared a look at the concept art for the character. Check out the image below:

He won't be the only actor playing dual roles in the crossover, with Brandon Routh not only reprising the role of Ray Palmer, but once again donning the classic cape as Superman - though Routh originally had mixed feelings about taking on the role. It was later confirmed that this latest version of Superman would be based on the Kingdom Come miniseries. Behind the scenes, various actresses will also pull double duty, with both Caity Lotz and Melissa Benoist set to direct an upcoming episode.

Not only is the image fairly comic book accurate, but the sheer scale of it is like nothing that has even been done on the show. The latter can be judged by another figure of a character glimpsed in the bottom right-hand corner, who many suspect to be a Thunderer of Qward - a warrior from the group that the Anti-Monitor adopted as his elite guard. Given the imposing presence of the otherworldly villain, it's just as easy to see why many expect Crisis on Infinite Earths to be the Arrowverse's Endgame.  Whatever the case, it makes sense for Garrett to take on the role. Given that the Anti-Monitor is the direct opposite of The Monitor, it's fitting for them to be played by the same actor; and it'll no doubt be slightly easier for fans not familiar with the comics to understand the connected history of the cosmic beings and why The Monitor is singularly focused on halting this particular Arrowverse threat.

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Source: Marc Guggenheim

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