Crisis On Infinite Earths Image Sees Lyla Michaels Become Harbinger

Upcoming Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, will see Lyla Michaels finally become Harbinger. Audrey Marie Anderson has been appearing on Arrow since season 1, in which she was introduced as an A.R.G.U.S. agent who also happened to be Diggle’s ex-wife - though the two eventually did reconcile. Her comic counterpart is also known as Harbinger and though Lyla has used this as a codename, she has yet to don the character’s iconic suit.

Lyla Michaels made her debut as Harbinger in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the 1985 limited series on which The CW’s crossover is based, though Lyla herself was introduced two years earlier in New Teen Titans. Raised by the Monitor, who will also appear in the crossover, Lyla played a pivotal role in the comics thanks to her ability to create doppelgängers. This enabled her to be in many places at once in order to recruit heroes and villains alike to fight the Anti-Monitor.

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Thanks to Comic Book, we can see what Lyla will look like as Harbinger. The costume definitely pays homage to the character’s comic roots, but also gives the look a much-needed update. Harbinger’s comic uniform wasn’t exactly practical and this image is consistent with the costume design fans have come to expect from the Arrowverse. Her classic helmet is missing, but that probably wouldn't have translated particularly well from page to screen anyway.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is set to unite the heroes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. With one impressive casting announcement after another, fans are eagerly anticipating the crossover. The event will even introduce Black Lightning into the Arrowverse. There will be a Smallville reunion with Tom Welling returning as Clark Kent and Erica Durance reprising her role as Lois Lane. Sadly, Michael Rosenbaum will not appear as Lex Luthor. However, the two will be playing opposite Tyler Hoechlin, who is once again suiting up as the Man of Steel, and Elizabeth Tulloch, who will be back as the intrepid reporter.

The Arrowverse crossovers have become increasingly ambitious with each passing year and Crisis on Infinite Earths certainly seems poised to raise the bar even higher. Only time will tell if the event will be as epic as its cast of characters, but fans can’t wait to find out. It’s unclear if this iteration of Harbinger will be the Lyla that viewers are already familiar with or another version of the character from an alternate Earth. Either way, viewers will be excited to see her fulfill her comic destiny.

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Source: Comic Book

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