10 Ways Crisis On Infinite Earths Can Be The Arrowverse's Endgame

Supergirl Crisis On Infinite Earth Set-Up

Every year, the Arrowverse likes to bring its shows together in the form of a crossover. Crisis on Earth X, Elseworlds, and Invasion have been just a few of the themes the Arrowverse has tackled over the years. However, the next crossover is set to be much bigger. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is set to be the biggest thing we've seen on television to date, the culmination of everything each show has built up for years. Sound familiar?

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There are a lot of conceptual similarities to "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and Avengers: Endgame. Let's explore the ways that it's shaping up to be the Arrowverse's own version of the MCU's biggest film.

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Nothing lasts forever. In the same way that new heroes seem to be the focus for the MCU's Phase Four, it's likely that the same will be true of the Arrowverse. Arrow will already be in its final season later this year, and The Flash will answer the "vanishes in crisis" newspaper that we saw all the way back in the first season.

With some of the heroes leaving the Arrowverse (permanently or temporarily), it will be the time for the CW to give the newer heroes a chance to shine. Characters like Batwoman, Supergirl, and Kid Flash could spearhead the Arrowverse going forward.


Just about everyone cried when Tony Stark sacrificed his life to destroy Thanos and his army. That said, it was a well-deserved moment. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" has an opportunity to do the same thing with Oliver Queen. Queen was the one who started the Arrowverse and this new age of heroes as the Green Arrow (or the Hood).

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After Arrow's Season Seven finale, we already know that he's been drafted to help with the crisis. With the final season being as short as it is, it's likely that we could see Ollie lay down his life for the Multiverse. Either way, it'll be an end to his story.



There is no denying that Thanos is the scariest threat ever shown in the MCU. With a cosmic army, the strength to take on the Avengers by himself, and a love of Infinity Stones, he posed a nearly impossible threat. In "Crisis on Infinite Earths," the Anti-Monitor could easily fit the bill.

In the comics, the Anti-Monitor was an entity who waged war against the Multiverse, not just a team of superheroes across one universe. With the Arrowverse already dealing with multiple Earths, it should be easy to show the Anti-Monitor as a Multiverse-related threat who threatens all the heroes.


Arrowverse Invasion

Everyone fought Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, even Pepper Potts as Rescue. With "Crisis on Infinite Earths" taking place across the Multiverse, it is a good time to bring everybody to the mix as well. While we expect to see the main heroes from the current shows, we would also like to see appearances from Jay Garrick, Constantine, and perhaps even the Freedom Fighters from Earth X.

Now is the time for the Arrowverse to pull out all the stops. Bring back Accelerated Man from his cameos in The Flash, throw in Thea Queen as well. The shows have many characters to choose from.


Future Flash Missing 25 Years Season 5 Newspaper

The MCU had a lot of subtle plot threads that all seemed to point to Thanos. The Arrowverse has had subtle teases to "Crisis on Infinite Earths" for quite some time. The earliest hints started with the first season of The Flash, showing the newspaper that said he went missing in the future. Those hints grew more and more as each series went on.

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While we haven't heard much about the Anti-Monitor or even really seen him, there's been enough talk about the crisis that it gets the job done. People who have been watching the shows all this time deserve payoffs to those teases as well as for individual characters.



Both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame made its cast more manageable by splitting them up into teams at times. With the Arrowverse having its own expansive roster, a similar strategy might work wonders for it. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" could pair together unlikely characters, such as Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter or The Flash and John Constantine.

It would give the shows a chance to see how these characters would interact with each other, as well as showcasing the massive scale of the event. Then, these teams would come together for a massive final act against the Anti-Monitor.


The Flash and the Arrowverse and DCTV Multiverse

There was a sense of urgency and desperation throughout the final two Avengers films. Earth's Mightiest Heroes had to work together in a last ditch effort to stop Thanos and save the entire universe. Audiences could feel the stakes in every scene, and that sentiment needs to be shared in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

With the Anti-Monitor supposedly threatening the entire Multiverse, the audience needs to understand and feel those stakes. This will also serve as the end for at least one of our favorite heroes from the Arrowverse. This is the opportunity to make it intense in every scene.


Arrowverse-Featured Image

Avengers: Endgame took a lot of risks with its characters, whether it be jumping to the end of Bruce Banner's transformation to Professor Hulk or Thor's unhealthy coping mechanisms. The Arrowverse could do something similar in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

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By changing some of its characters drastically, it could help communicate how different this event is compared to the rest of each respective series. Because TV shows work a bit differently than a movie every 6 months or so, we're not confident that the CW would change any of its characters in big ways. Nonetheless, it would be a nice surprise.


With the Arrowverse having gone on for so long, there have been a lot of characters we lost in the journey. Captain Cold, Martin Stein, Malcolm Merlyn, and even Laurel Lance all reached the end of their lives. In "Crisis on Infinite Earths," we not only want to see long-absent characters return to aid in the fight, but it would also be cool to see deceased characters return for the battle.

This could be explained by time travel or alternate versions of those characters showing up. Avengers: Endgame found some clever ways to bring back Gamora, Frigga, and even Loki (with its own asterisks of course).


CW DCTV crossover - Supergirl, Flash and Arrow

One of Avengers: Endgame's greatest moments was when Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor decided to take on Thanos themselves. Without the Infinity Stones to help him, Thanos was weaker than in Avengers: Infinity War. That said, the fight was still intense, and viewers were on the edge of their seats.

Crisis on Infinite Earths could have a similar moment with Green Arrow, the Flash, and Supergirl all fighting the Anti-Monitor to stall him out (there's no way they'll be able to beat him themselves). It would celebrate those characters who have headlined the shows while giving them a moment to get one last hurrah together.

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