New Crisis on Earth-X Trailer Reveals the History of Earth-X

A new trailer for the Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow crossover event, 'Crisis on Earth-X', details the alternate history of Earth-X. Ever since The Flash's first year on The CW, the network has united its DC Comics-based programs for an annual crossover event meant to delight viewers - particularly comic book fans. Each year, The CW's DCTV universe ups the ante, with the second crossover acting as a launchpad for Legends of Tomorrow's first season and last year introducing Supergirl to the multiverse's Earth-1 heroes.

This year's 'Crisis on Earth-X' will again be bigger than the previous year, uniting multiple characters from each of the four shows for a two-night, four-hour crossover event. This improves upon last year when Kara Danvers was the only Supergirl character that truly crossed over, and the 'Invasion!' event didn't truly begin until the very end of the show's episode. Now, 'Crisis on Earth-X' will unite all the superheroes of the multiverse to face off against deadly villains: alternate reality versions of the heroes themselves.

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Trailers for 'Crisis on Earth-X' have teased the alternate reality and teased the villains, but the latest trailer released by The CW [above] introduces the Earth-X world succinctly for fans. As explained simply by Harry Wells in this latest trailer, Earth-X is "basically our earth with one difference: the Nazis won the war." As such, the alternate versions of heroes like Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Flash are actually fascist villains on Earth-X - while Earth-1 foe Captain Cold is the hero known as Citizen Cold.

Even without Supergirl's Martian Manhunter in the crossover, 'Crisis on Earth-X' will no doubt be the biggest Arrowverse event to grace The CW. The trailers have featured shots of all the heroes gathered together, either facing off against their Earth-X foes or congregating on the Waverider. Plus, while the DCTV crossovers have arguably always struggled to introduce compelling antagonists, the villains of 'Crisis on Earth-X' have some built-in development and emotional weight since they're evil versions of the shows' beloved heroes - not to mention the inclusion of Nazis is more relevant than viewers may have anticipated given the current real world political climate.

Still, it's unclear if 'Crisis on Earth-X' will be able to deliver a crossover event that tops previous years. Certainly, The CW's lineup of DC shows have gone bigger, and based on what those behind the series have said, this year's event will be more cohesive, with many calling it a four-hour movie. But while the previous crossovers have always delivered plenty of fun and fanservice, they've still had their problems. With 'Crisis on Earth-X' introducing so many elements, it remains to be seen whether the shows will pull everything together for a truly compelling event. That said, given the success of previous years, fans should expect an entirely fun and exciting Arrowverse crossover.

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Crisis on Earth-X begins with Supergirl and Arrow on Monday, November 27 @8pm, and concludes with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, November 28 @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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