Crisis On Earth-X May Have Introduced [Spoiler] at Barry & Iris' Wedding

Warning: Major SPOILERS for the Crisis on Earth-X crossover

'Crisis on Earth-X' possibly introduces a major character from The Flash's future, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, at Barry and Iris' wedding. Ever since The CW expanded their DC Comics-inspired shared TV universe with the premiere of The Flash - following the introduction of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) on Arrow - the network has aired an annual crossover event. These events have grown over the years to include Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, all leading to the biggest crossover yet.

'Crisis on Earth-X' kicked off tonight with new episodes of Supergirl and Arrow - the latter airing on a special night. While the four-hour event is expected to feature a prolonged battle between the heroes of Earth-1 and their Nazi counterparts from Earth-X, the crossover began with the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West (Candice Patton), which was interrupted by the the Nazis' first attack. However, prior to the ceremony, Barry was approached by an overly friendly caterer and the focus paid to this character's introduction has led to fan speculation about who she could be.

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The character, who isn't named, is played by Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black Sails) and fans have posited that she's either Barry and Iris' daughter Dawn Allen, or their granddaughter Jenni Ognats. The theories first began circulating when Kennedy was announced as part of the cast of the crossover, with her character simply being described by TV Guide as, "an adorably awkward caterer who approaches Barry to help calm any pre-wedding jitters, because this girl seems way too jazzed to be watching Iris and Barry take their vows."

The Flash Family Wally West and Barry Allen

In the comics, Dawn and her brother Don are the children of Barry and Iris, and make up the superhero duo known as the Tornado Twins. Living in the future of the DC Universe, they are members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Jenni is Dawn's daughter, taking up the superhero mantle of XS from her mother and joining the Legion. As descendants of Barry Allen, both Dawn and Jenni have powers related to the Speed Force - including, of course, super speed.

At this point, there's no confirmation that Kennedy's character will return on The Flash, or any of the other DC Comics series on The CW for that matter. However, it should be noted that the Legion of Super-Heroes are coming to Supergirl. The show even introduced a member of the Legion on last week's episode, Imra Ardeen (Amy Jackson) aka Saturn Girl, who is the wife of the returned Mon-El (Chris Wood). Perhaps Kennedy will somehow return as Dawn or Jenni on Supergirl as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Of course, the identity of Kennedy's character is still unknown and how she fits into the Arrowverse remains to be seen. She could just have the one-off appearance in 'Crisis on Earth-X' as a nod for the fans to speculate over, or she could have a larger role moving forward. For now, fans will have to wait - and speculate - until The CW's DC TV universe offers some kind of concrete information about who that mysterious caterer at Barry and Iris' wedding was exactly.

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Crisis on Earth-X continues on Tuesday @8pm with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on The CW.

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