Arrowverse Crossover Trailer Reveals Earth-X Villains

A fresh new trailer for this year's DCTV crossover - featuring Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow - offers us our first glimpse of the villains for the upcoming event. Titled 'Crisis on Earth-X,' the TV event is looking to amp up the stakes from past installments as the special once again brings together pivotal characters from The CW's hit DC shows.

Last year, we saw our heroes battle an alien invasion, but this time around, 'Crisis on Earth-X' pits them against their villainous counterparts, such as an evil Flash and Nazi Supergirl and Arrow, making this upcoming showdown more intriguing. Mining story beats from the forthcoming animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray, Earth-X is an alternate world where the Nazis won World War II. If that is not enough story to tackle, add in Barry and Iris' long-awaited wedding and we get a good narrative going with several moving subplots.


As we inch closer to the release of the four-show spectacle airing over two nights, The CW has released another look at what goes down when 'Crisis in Earth-X' rolls out in two weeks. While the first Arrowverse crossover trailer shone the light on our heroes, this one brings the bad guys into the forefront. Clocking in at just 15-seconds, we get several new shots, including our very first look at Nazi Oliver Queen pointing a Luger at someone. Elsewhere, we get snippets of Cisco wearing formal attire and seemingly in church for Barry and Iris' wedding moments before something blows up in the background. A quick shot of the soon-to-be-wed lovebirds sharing a hug was also thrown into the mix. Finally, we see an extended shot of our heroes lining up for battle with Alex Danvers, White Canary and Kid Flash behind the franchise's lead trio. You can check out the clip above.

From the previously released 'Crisis on Earth-X' synopsis for the crossover, it seems like the event will kick off with the wedding before all hell breaks loose and the heroes need to unexpectedly suit up to contain their alternate Earth counterparts wanting to wreak havoc on Earth-1. It will be curious if by the end of all this (granted the good guys succeed on their mission), Iris and Barry are still moving forward with getting married or if they will postpone it for a while just to get over the trauma of having their marital union gatecrashed by villains from another universe.

Much of the specific narrative details of the upcoming Arrowverse spectacle are still being kept tightly under wraps. But if we look back on previous years of this now annual TV tradition, we can only expect that the installment will be once again a mix of comedic moments, action-packed sequences and a lot of heart.


The CW’s special ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ Arrowverse event will air on Monday, November 27 and Tuesday, November 28.

Source: The CW

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