Crisis on Earth-X Concept Art Includes Alternate Citizen Cold


Concept artist Andy Poon has shared his work from the Arrowverse crossover, "Crisis on Earth-X", which includes an alternate costume for Citizen Cold. This epic television event brought together heroes from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow last week, and even introduced some new characters from the dark parallel world known as Earth-X to the Arrowverse.

Among these new characters were The Ray (a superhero played by Russell Tovey, who’s set to spin off into his own animated series) and Citizen Cold (an alternate version of Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, with a more heroic disposition). One of the biggest talking points from the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover was the romantic kiss between The Ray and Citizen Cold, which established the Arrowverse’s first same-sex relationship between two superheroes.

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Andy Poon was involved in designing both of these new characters. The artist has taken to his Instagram account to share a couple of pieces of art that he did on the crossover, including this alternate take on Citizen Cold’s costume. You will notice that the coloring is lighter than the final product shown in the episodes and Captain Cold’s original costume, which chimes nicely with the fact that this is a more wholesome version of Miller’s character:

Still can’t believe that we get to have an essentially 3 hours long movie of DC crisis storyline on TV and I get to be small part of it. Here is a concept I did of fan favourite Leonard Snart played by Wentworth Miller, in his full Citizen Cold glory with visor and parka. Costume design by Maya Mani. Cold gun by @uncannyknack . @cwtheflash @cw_legendsoftomorrow @cw_arrow @supergirlcw @dccomics @wentworthmiller #leo #leonardsnart #captaincold #citizencold #diversity #lgbtq #concept #design #costume #illustration

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Poon also shared this image, which contains concept art for Russell Tovey’s The Ray, Melissa Benoist’s Overgirl, Stephen Amell’s Dark Arrow and Tom Cavanagh’s Dark Flash (who claimed to be the original Eobard Thawne, from Earth-1). Interestingly, Tovey’s proposed costume includes distorted eyes and a chinstrap, neither of which were present in the final iteration of his look:

Have you guys watched the Crisis on Earth X yet?! It’s prettty much a 4 hours Justice League movie! So proud of all crews and glad I got to be a part of it! Here are little peaks at the new characters I did concepts for costume designer Maya Mani on the crossover. Also awesome animated designs on the freedom fighter series on @cwseed by @philbourassa ! @cw_arrow @cwtheflash @cw_legendsoftomorrow @supergirlcw @dccomics #theray #overgirl #darkarrow #blitzenflash @stephenamell @cavanaghtom @melissabenoist @russelltovey #concept #illustration #costume #design

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Arguably, the showrunners made the right choice by ditching the eye-hiding effect from The Ray’s costume. Even in concept art form, it looks off-kilter and distracting, and it could have been jarring to watch on TV. They could have kept The Ray’s chinstrap, though, as it makes his helmet look a bit more complete.

However, you could argue that Citizen Cold’s ditched concept art costume is a bigger loss. In the finished episodes, he wore a generic dark jacket, not unlike the one that the original Captain Cold wore. If the showrunners had chosen a lighter option like the one from Poon’s design, it could have helped to differentiate the character from the version that came before. Thankfully, they did decide to keep his funky eye protectors, which serve a similar purpose.

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