DC Heroes Battle Their Evil Selves in Full Crisis On Earth-X Trailer

The full-length trailer for Crisis on Earth-X unites the Arrowverse against their evil counterparts for this year's big crossover event.

DC's greatest heroes unite in the 2-night crossover event, #CrisisOnEarthX, starting next Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

— Arrow (@CW_Arrow) November 20, 2017

The biggest crossover yet in the Arrowverse has a brand-new trailer, uniting The CW heroes against their Earth-X counterparts. While Arrow may have begun as The Dark Knight on a TV budget, the universe it helped ignite is now full of alien, time travel, and alternate dimensions. Not only has the expansion allowed the Arrowverse to look more like a comic book world than any other shared universe in film or TV, but it's created all sorts of crossover opportunities. Often, these moments amount to small cameos or guest appearances, but each year brings something more bigger.

Following the alien invasion that brought together the Arrowverse last year, the minds behind the shows decided to exploit the Multiverse for this year's outing. Anchoring the epic will be the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West, which will naturally be interrupted when a group of super-powered Nazis arrive from Earth-X. Images from 'Crisis on Earth-X' have revealed how the evil doppelgängers of the Arrowverse heroes will look, and the full-length trailer shows them go toe-to-toe with the real deal.

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The CW has now released a full-length trailer for 'Crisis on Earth-X', this year's big Arrowverse crossover. While previous teases offered glimpses of the heroes joining forces, the extended trailer dives deeper into the crossover's storyline. The West-Allen marriage provides an easy way to bring most of the characters from the Arrowverse together, simplifying the narrative before the action heads to Earth-X. Once there, new heroes and villains like The Ray and Overgirl will be introduced, resulting in the largest collection of DC characters on the small screen at once (in live-action) since Justice League Unlimited.

The new trailer offers plenty of action, but it also teases the concept of the Multiverse in the Arrowverse. While The Flash has introduced the idea of many other Earths, each with parallel versions of the main characters in the Arrowverse, there's been no indication of just how expansive the Multiverse really is. In this new trailer, however, Harry lays out that there are 52 worlds - or rather, 53 - total.

Though the worlds don't match up, it looks like the Arrowverse will be following Grant Morrison's The Multiversity, which laid out the 52 worlds of the Multiverse. That included Earth-X, which is here dubbed a 53rd world. Like in the comics, Earth-X is home to an Earth where the Nazis won World War II and now have their own super-powered warriors. Those include Overgirl, Prometheus-X, and Harrison Wells - but they're not alone.

Battling the Nazis are The Ray and the Freedom Fighters. Their story will be fleshed out soon in the animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray, but The Ray will first make his debut in live-action next week. This trailer also reveals yet another iteration of Leonard Snart, this time as the heroic Citizen Cold. Though his outfit is a bit different from the comics, the character has finally gotten his iconic-yet-impractical eyewear. Sadly, Captain Cold actor Wentworth Miller is leaving the Arrowverse after this, so hopefully the Crisis on Earth-X storyline will also him to end his run as the character with a bang.

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Crisis on Earth-X begins with Supergirl and Arrow on Monday, November 27 @ 8pm, and concludes with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, November 28 @ 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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