Criminal Trailer: Kevin Costner Remembers Being Ryan Reynolds

With the release of Deadpool, and the announcement of its sequel this week, it's easy to forget that Ryan Reynolds has other projects in the pipeline. Last year saw him star in sci-fi thriller Self/less, in which he played a dead man with Sir Ben Kingsley's mind inside his body. His next project seems to be on a similar line, but the other way round: Reynolds' memories are stuck inside Kevin Costner's (Man of Steelhead.

This film in question is Criminal, an upcoming action-thriller directed by Israeli filmmaker Ariel Vromen (The Iceman) and co-penned by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg - best known for writing The Rock. The movie's plot sees an ex-con (Costner) implanted with a dead CIA agent's (Reynolds) memories in the hope that he will be able to finish Reynolds' assignment.

Apart from Costner and Reynolds the film also boosts veteran actors Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Tommy Lee Jones (Captain America- the first time they and Costner have been reunited since Oliver Stone's JFK. They'll be joined by Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Gal Gadot, who'll soon be making her debut as Wonder Woman in next month's release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeCheck out the trailer, above.

Criminal (2016) trailer with Kevin Costner

It appears we'll being getting a much more hardened and gruff Costner than we're used to in Criminal - a far cry from his action hero roles like Robin Hood that he played back in the 1990s. We learn in the film's trailer that Oldman, looking identical to his Commissioner Gordon character from the Dark Knight trilogy, works for the CIA, whilst Jones is the doctor who implants the memories into Costner's head. Then there's Gadot playing Reynold's widow. She looks to make good screen chemistry with Costner's character - perhaps helping him towards some kind of redemption?

As for finishing Reynolds' assignment, the Criminal trailer tells us it's got something to do with nuclear weapons as a voice says 'Washington, Berlin, Beijing will be graveyards', as missiles are launched. Whilst the pace and action shots look great, it's hard to tell at this stage whether the slightly sci-fi memory implant concept will mix well with the serious thriller nature of the movie or whether it will let it down. But then maybe such a great cast will hold it up?

Criminal will be released in U.S. theaters on April 15, 2016.

Source: Millennium Films

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