Criminal Minds: 'Lauren' Review & Discussion - Prentiss' Final Episode

Six months ago, fans of Criminal Minds were saying goodbye to Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jareau (AJ Cook). Her unceremonious firing served to shine a light on the unfortunate direction that the series appeared to be headed. With only Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) left in the series’ male dominated cast, many wondered which one would be next to leave the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long for that question to be answered.

With Cook gone from the series and Brewster’s episode count being reduced, everyone – including Brewster herself – could see the writing on the wall. Like any good cast member, the always wonderful Vangsness made sure that everyone knew how she felt about the studio’s decision to axe her fellow comrades.

With nothing left to do but accept the departure of another female cast member from Criminal Minds, the focus then turns to Brewster’s final episode. In the past few episodes, one could already see that Prentiss was receiving a far better farewell than what Cook received in her final episode. Delving deep into the past of the always secretive Emily Prentiss, we find out exactly what she was up to in her in the years before joining the BAU.

Ian Doyle, a criminal from her former life as Lauren Reynolds, is seeking revenge on Prentiss and her one-time colleagues. As the body count beings to rise, Prentiss makes the decision to leave the BAU. With Paget Brewster leaving the series and AJ Cook returning for her final episode, all bets are off – anything can happen.

"Lauren" Episode Description

Prentiss is ready to confront her nemesis, Ian Doyle, once and for all. Meanwhile, the BAU calls upon JJ to help them find Prentiss and capture Doyle before it's too late.


As you can see, the review has not been posted yet. While we strive to provide reviews in advance, sometimes it’s not possible. Don’t worry, a review will be posted shortly. Until then, if you’ve seen Paget Brewster’s final episode of Criminal Minds, feel free to start the discussion below or check some of our previous articles:

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