Criminal Minds Season 6 Review & Discussion: JJ's Final Episode

Tonight, the CBS hit series Criminal Minds once again loses an original cast member, AJ Cook (Jennifer Jareau). The loss of cast members is not a new experience to fans of the show - as series lead Mandy Patinkin (Jason Gideon) and co-star Lola Glaudini (Elle Greenaway) have both previously departed from the series.

However, this time is different.

While Patinkin left Criminal Minds because he grew tired of the amount of violence in the series and Glaudini left to return to her home on the East Coast, Cook was unceremoniously fired. For some reason, “the powers that be” deemed Cook’s character to be expendable. Even though thousands of fans wrote CBS, ABC Studios (the production company), and signed petitions - there was nothing that could be done. AJ Cook was fired and Jennifer Jareau is gone.

As Criminal Minds continues forward, one has to wonder whether the absence of her character will be felt by those watching - especially after the terrible season 5 finale and season 6 premiere.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Preview (courtesy of CBS)

While JJ attempts to reunite a family whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared, her BAU family braces for the loss of one of their own.


As you can see, the review has not been posted yet. While we strive to provide you with the reviews in advance, sometimes it’s not possible. Don’t worry, a review will be posted after Criminal Minds has aired. Until then, if you’ve seen JJ’s final episode, feel free to start the discussion in the comments or check some of our previous articles below:

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Criminal Minds airs Wednesday @9pm on CBS

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