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Creepshow TV show creator Greg Nicotero announced that the first episode has wrapped filming, and also offered a first look at the new version of The Creep. Following in the footsteps of the 1982 film produced by George Romero and Stephen King, the anthology-style Creepshow series will offer up seven new horror stories when it debuts this year on streaming service Shudder.

The original Creepshow itself was of course inspired by the EC and DC horror comics of the 1950s, and featured five different terrifying stories written by King. The movie was followed by the sequel Creepshow 2 in 1987 as well as a highly forgettable third installment Creepshow 3 in 2007. Walking Dead make-up artist and episode director Nicotero is now carrying on the Creepshow tradition on streaming, and he'll also be working with material written by King, as King's notorious short story Survivor Type is set to be adapted into one of the show's seven episodes.

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Production on Creepshow is already well underway, and in fact Nicotero himself revealed on Instagram that the first episode has wrapped. As a little tease, Nicotero also offered a first look at the new version of The Creep, the skeletal figure that served as the host of the original movie. Nicotero previously paid homage to The Creep in an Easter egg he inserted into The Walking Dead, and now he gets to direct the actual Creep himself. See the image below:

The image of The Creep peering through a window is not only spooky, but is in fact a direct callback to the original Creepshow. In the movie's prologue sequence, a young boy named Billy (played by King's son Joe, who would later become the writer Joe Hill) is being disciplined by his father for reading horror comics, and while he sits in his room he sees the ghostly Creep looming outside his window. Of course, in the film's epilogue Billy gets back at his father by ordering a voodoo doll from an ad in his Creepshow comic and using it to give his dad a little pain in the neck.

The theme of retribution is of course a big one in Creepshow, as the episodes all tend to end with some bad character getting an entirely appropriate comeuppance. Given his obvious love for the source material, it's certain that Nicotero will carry on the tradition of telling horror stories that depict horrible people receiving proper punishment for their wicked acts. The Creepshow TV show does not yet have an official premiere date on Shudder, but no doubt an announcement will be coming soon.


Source: Greg Nicotero

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