Latest Creed II Poster Promotes the 'Fight of the Century'

Creed 2 Creed vs Drago

A new poster for Creed II shows Adonis Creed preparing to face off against Viktor Drago, and star Michael B. Jordan teases that it will be the "fight of the century." Directed by Steven Caple Jr. (Class), Creed II is the eighth movie in the Rocky franchise, following immediately on from Ryan Coogler's Creed and opening up old wounds from Rocky IV, as Adonis is lined up to fight the son of the man who killed his father.

Creed was beloved by critics upon its release in 2015, with Sylvester Stallone - who continues his role as Rocky Balboa, now serving as Adonis' coach - scoring an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Creed II picks up some time after the last movie, with Adonis becoming a father to a son of his own, with his girlfriend Bianca (Tessa Thompson). That means the pressure is really on when he decides to enter the ring with Viktor Drago (played by Romanian boxer Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu), who has been trained for the fight by his father, Ivan (Dolph Lundgren reprising his Rocky IV role).

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The new poster for Creed II was shared on social media by Jordan, who captioned it with the promise that it will be the "Fight of the Century," as well as a reminder of when to expect the movie in theaters: November 21. Check out the latest poster for Creed II below.

Creed 2 Poster - Creed vs Drago

The trailers for Creed II have done a great job of conveying the weight of the Creed vs. Drago match - not only because it will see the two sons picking up their fathers' fight, but also because there's a real danger of Adonis being killed just like Apollo was, and leaving his own young son behind. As Rocky cautions Adonis, "People like me live in the past... you've got people who need you now."

On the other side of the fight, Lundgren has said that Creed II "reintroduced [Ivan Drago] as a pretty damaged character," and that since the events of Rocky IV he has "been in a living hell" and "lost everything." While it might be hoped that all that damage has turned Ivan into a better person, and encouraged him to raise his son as a better man, what it really means - as Rocky explains in the trailer - is that he has nothing to lose.

The stakes are high and legacies are on the line, so which fighter will emerge from Creed II victorious? And - more importantly - will both of them make it to the end credits alive?

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