Michael B. Jordan Talks Creed 2: 'That's Gonna Happen'

Michael B. Jordan talks Creed 2

The movie Creed was quite an achievement. Released last November the film is a continuation of the Rocky films based on the new character of Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the previously unknown son of Carl Weathers' Apollo Creed. Directed by Ryan Coogler, it set a new template for how to update a beloved film series - hitting many of the beats of the established Rocky films, but giving them a feel that was entirely new.

Since Rocky itself had five sequels, speculation has naturally begun as to when Creed might get a follow-up, with Sylvester Stallone even pitching different scenarios. Jordan, currently at work on the upcoming Black Panther film (also being directed by Coogler), has addressed the speculation in an interview.

According to Collider, citing comments by Jordan during San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Jordan said that the sequel is being discussed, but not quite on the front burner as of yet. Jordan’s exact comments on Creed 2 were as follows:

“I’m not sure yet. Honestly it’s another thing like he’s busy doing [Black Panther], I’m in this world, so I know it’s something that’s gonna happen. I’m not sure exactly when, but it’s something that we are talking about and thinking about because it’s such an important story.”

Sylvester Stallone and Ryan Coogler filming a scene for Creed

Indeed, Creed sequel talk began not long after the film’s release, with a Fall 2017 release date even handled about in January, based on the idea that Coogler would serve as executive producer rather than director, considering that he’s so busy with his Black Panther responsibilities. Stallone, around the same time, suggested a sequel that would follow the template of The Godfather, Part II: Parallel narratives following the younger Creed in the present day, as well as Apollo’s origin story - complete with his interactions with Rocky - in the past.

Those who admire Creed would say it's a perfectly wonderful movie and can stand on its own - and probably should, unless Coogler is involved on the sequel in a significant capacity. But, like Jordan says, another Creed movie seems inevitable. The Rocky franchise, after all, is one in which the sequels are an important part of the whole story, so if the filmmakers have a good idea? Why not. After all, that Godfather: Part II idea is certainly intriguing.

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There’s no official word on when Creed 2 might arrives in theaters.

Source: Collider

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