Crazy Rich Asians 2: Everything We Know About The Sequel's Story

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Less than a week after its release, Warner Bros. green-lit a sequel to Jon M. Chu's Crazy Rich Asians, based on the second installment in Kevin M. Kwan's trilogy novel series titled China Rich Girlfriend. With the source novel and the first movie making a lot of changes, there's a lot of questions and expectations of where the film trilogy will go next

Crazy Rich Asians introduced audiences to the two main characters of the trilogy - Chinese-American Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding) as the two traveled to Singapore to meet the latter's family for the first time and attend the wedding of his best friend, Colin Khoo (Chris Pang) to Araminta Lee (Sonoya Mizuno). Dating for more than a year now, Rachel had no idea what her summer escapade will bring given that she didn't know much about her boyfriend's background. After a great first night in the country, she found herself at the center of the loud and sometimes obnoxious Singapore social scene, with Nick's snobbish mother, Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh), silently judging her from afar.

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Aside from being the first major Hollywood blockbuster to feature a full Asian cast since 2005's Memoirs of Geisha, Crazy Rich Asians reignited interest in romantic comedies in general. And if audiences thought the first film was already chaotic, things are only going to get wilder in the sequel.

The Story of the Crazy Rich Asian Sequel

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Spoiler warning for Crazy Rich Asians 2.

China Rich Girlfriend picks up two years after the events of Crazy Rich Asians and mainly revolves in the unraveling of the identity of Rachel's real father - Bao Gaoliang, a top politician and a pharmaceutical magnate in China. He now lives with his legal wife, Bao Shaoyen and together, they have somewhat of a problematic son named Carlton Bao.

Rachel learns about her biological father's existence thanks to Eleanor, who eventually turns around and supports Rachel and Nick's engagement. While Nick is suspicious of her mother's motives considering that she seemingly only changed her mind when she found out about his fiancee's ties to the old rich in the mainland, Eleanor explains she genuinely wants to help the couple who still has to face the wrath of the stricter and more traditionalist Ah-Ma Shang Su Yi (Lisa Lu). As hinted in Crazy Rich Asians, Eleanor and his mother-in-law don't have the best of relationship even after she devoted her whole life to her family instead of pursuing her "passion."

Agreeing to accept Eleanor's help, Rachel meets her father and travels to Shanghai with Nick in the hopes of knowing him more. Shaoyen, who is already unhappy with the reunion, told her husband that she will not permit her illegitimate child to set foot in their home. Ashamed of her wife's actions but not really having any choice, Gaoliang did everything to make his daughter feel welcomed in his home country but bring her home. In the process, Rachel also meets Carlton and his "friends-with-benefits" Colette Bing, a Chinese heiress and social media influencer.

Elsewhere in the story, Astrid Leong-Teo (Gemma Chan) and Charlie Wu (Harry Shum  Jr.) get closer, with the latter helping the former sort things out with her husband, Micahel Teo (Pierre Png), whose startup is now a booming business. Michael's newfound success, however, makes him crueler not just to Astrid but also to their son.

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