Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The wild characters from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend display different personalities, and each of them would find a home in their respective Hogwarts House.

For four seasons, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend followed Rebecca Bunch, an ambitious woman desperate to find happiness ten years after breaking up with her summer camp boyfriend, Josh Chan. After running into Josh on the streets of New York City, Rebecca is inspired to follow Josh back to West Covina, California.

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Along the way, to get back together with Josh, Rebecca gets a different job and makes new friends. However, the more time Rebecca spends in California, the more she learns about herself. By staying in West Covina, it leads to revelations about who Rebecca is and who she wants to be.


A happy-go-lucky guy whose only desire is to be happy, Josh starts the series with his longtime girlfriend, Valencia. As the show continues, and Rebecca worms her way into Josh's life, he realizes that what he always thought he wanted has changed. With Rebecca's support, Josh believes he is capable of more than what he believed he could be with Valencia. Josh's desire for justice when the water in his apartment turns cold and his loyalty to his friends, shows him exhibiting more Hufflepuff traits than those of any other house. Josh works hard for things that are important to him, and in the last season, goes to therapy to move forward in his life.


At first, Valencia is the villain of the story. As Josh's longtime girlfriend, she stands directly in the way of Rebecca's plan to get back together with Josh. During the first season, Valencia and Rebecca are enemies, Valencia going out of her way to make Rebecca feel bad, and Rebecca trying to outdo Valencia.

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Over time Valencia and Rebecca become best friends, and Valencia is one of the few to stand by Rebecca even at her worst. When Rebecca wants to get revenge on Josh for not going through with their wedding, Valencia supports her until Rebecca wishes to go too far. Valencia opposes because she understands that and wants to help Rebecca even when Rebecca lashes out at her.


On a show about embracing who you are, few did that better than White Josh. From the moment he first appears on screen, he is unapologetically himself. Having come out at twelve years old, Josh was never afraid of who he was. While he may judge his friends too harshly, he also cares about them. During his relationship with Darryl, as much as Josh wanted them to stay together, Josh understands their differences in wanting children. Rather than hiding from telling this to Darryl, he accepts that while Darryl wants children, he does not, and they decide to remain friends.


Darryl sees the best in everyone, even when they may not deserve it, and it takes him a while to admit to that sometimes. When it comes to friendships, he takes them very seriously, always wanting to be there for Paula and Rebecca if they need him. As a romantic partner, Darryl is invested in his relationships, doing as much as he can to ensure the success of them. On top of those qualities, Darryl is also a devoted and loyal father. He always wants to be around for his daughter.


Hector tends to be more of a side character at the beginning of the series, even though he is generally always around Josh, White Josh, or Greg. However, it is in the later seasons that Hector gets to shine in a relationship with Heather that his character comes out.

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While Hector may be a bit behind, still living with his mother, he joins his friends when they need him. After Rebecca's suicide attempt, Hector joins Heather at the hospital because he did not want her to be alone after they had to postpone their third date.


While he could match up with either Slytherin or Ravenclaw, his overall presence on the series lands him in the house of snakes. Cunning and ambitious, Nathaniel proves himself to be both during Rebecca's desire to get revenge on Josh Chan and even more so during Nathaniel's journey to date, Rebecca. After treating her and Darryl horribly when he first joins the office, he later learns how to treat them with more respect. However, this does not remove his goal and achievement-oriented mindset, which had been drilled into him since childhood.


While Heather continued to attend college classes to avoid graduating, which would be the opposite of a Ravenclaw, all the lessons she has taken grew her intelligence, allowing her abilities as a businesswoman to grow in the later seasons. Heather has an instinct for how to run Home Base and uses her knowledge to make more profits. She did not graduate from college until she had completed every class the school had to offer. Heather finds ways to be creative and is the one to convince Nathaniel to treat people better than he had been.


Paula's Slytherin qualities come to light during "Paula Needs To Get Over Josh!" While Rebecca is in the hospital, Paula reveals to Rebecca everything Paula had done behind the scenes to get Rebecca back together with Josh that Rebecca had not known about. While Paula is a loyal friend to Rebecca, she has ways of slipping into dark territory to achieve her goals.

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Eventually, Paula realizes that she needs to focus on her life rather than Rebecca's to have a healthy relationship with her husband and children. Although Paula does grow throughout the series, her ambition bleeds into more healthy outlets such as law school.


Always resentful of West Covina, Greg was never able to appreciate his environment or his friends as much as they deserved. Instead, he diminished himself, referring to how he would much rather be anywhere else, except he could not leave. However, at the beginning of season two, Greg makes a big life decision. While participating in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, he also decides to attend the college he had wanted to. Taking the plunge to take control of his life was a courageous choice. When he returns in the fourth season, he is an entirely different person. Having learned that his issues were with himself instead of West Covina, he can appreciate everything around him to a full extent, even though some part of his hatred still exists.


Rebecca could easily be a Ravenclaw. She admits this herself during a conversation with Nathaniel. However, while a sorting to Ravenclaw may have been accurate during the first two seasons, Gryffindor is a more appropriate house for her by the series end. As a lawyer with nowhere to go but up, her mental illness was ignored for years, passed off for the wrong diagnoses for ages. After losing herself at rapid speed, she finally admits to needing help, and this is how she becomes a Gryffindor. Asking for help may be the most challenging thing a person can do. For Rebecca to follow through on it, working hard to improve herself, she manages her borderline personality disorder with the help of her friends. She takes ownership of her wrongdoings, apologizing to those she hurt in the process.

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