The 15 Weirdest Pokémon Fan Theories

These wild and wacky Pokémon theories will force you to look at the series in a whole new light!

Mew laughing Pokemon

The world of Pokémon is filled with secrets. Hidden items, powerful evolutions, and fantastic enemies populate the vast worlds of regions such as Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn. However, it seems that for some fans the secrets that are already hidden within the popular series of games isn’t quite enough, and they have to go on making their own connections and creating their own mysteries to solve.

Fan theories are a universal inevitability with all massive franchises, but no franchise lends itself to the practice of crafting theories quite like Pokémon does. With about two decades of material to draw from, fans have managed to concoct some crazy theories.

Here are The 15 Weirdest Pokémon Fan Theories.

15 You Murder Your Rival's Pokémon In R/B/Y

Gary Rival Pokemon

Fan theories often like to take a dark look at the reality of Pokémon, and one of the most popular fan theories in the Pokémon fan culture doesn’t shy away from that one bit. In the original Pokémon series of games, your rival is seen with a Ratata that later evolves into a Raticate in later encounters.

However, later your rival is seen at the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, possibly mourning the loss of one of his Pokémon. In later battles, your rival no longer carries his faithful Raticate with him. The obvious implication here is that the main character, not knowing when to ease up during a Pokémon battle, accidentally (or purposefully) killed his rival’s Raticate. So in your childhood, you were essentially trained to be a murderer. The Pokémon games suddenly seem a lot less light-hearted, right?

14 Gengar Is Clefable's Shadow

Gengar in Pokemon

With over 700 Pokémon in the world, it’s likely that a few character designs are going to repeat themselves here and there. What’s less likely is that two of the original 151 Pokémon actually look like the light/dark versions of each other. The Normal-type, and later Fairy-type, Pokémon known as Clefable appears to be a bright, fluffy pink angel with jagged wings and a round, oval-esque body.

Powerful ghost-type Pokémon Gengar is a dark, purple spirit with many jagged edges and a round, oval-esque body. Gengar was one of only 3 ghost Pokémon in the first generation, so it’s entirely possible that it’s design was based around being ghost of Clefable.

13 Ditto is a failed attempt at making Mewtwo

Ditto in Pokemon

Pokémon and science go together like beans and rice, and many Pokémon are actually the results of scientific experiments. Pokémon like Deoxys and Genesect clearly have a technological influence on them and were inspired by man-made creations, and the legendary Mewtwo was one of the earliest example of a Pokémon being created by science in an attempt to clone the mythical Mew.

However, what if another Mew clone exists? A failed Mew clone. Ditto, the lovable pink blob, has the ability to imitate any Pokémon it comes across. Perhaps scientists intended for Ditto the match the similarly pink Mew – Mew, of course, being able to learn nearly any move in the Pokémon world just like Ditto. If that isn’t enough evidence, take into consideration that Mew and Ditto are pink, but when a shiny version of either Pokémon is caught, it is blue. The proof is in the weird pink pudding that seems to make up whatever Ditto is.

12 Why Ash Never Ages

Ash and Pikachu in Pokemon

While most theories are exclusive to the popular video game series, the anime series that spawned as a result of Pokémon’s popularity isn’t safe from speculation either. It’s curious that after so many years on television, Ash has never seemed to age, forever being a 10-year-old boy. Fans believe that this is because Ash, after being severely shocked by lightning early in the first season, actually enters a coma.

Fans argue that the entire tone of the series changes after this moment, and it explains why Ash ages at such a slow rate – He’ll always be 10 in his head. This also explains why, despite having encountered numerous legendary Pokémon and dominating Pokémon championships region after region, it seems like no one has ever heard of this boy wonder before. Ash is forming his own reality because his true reality was taken away from him.

11 All of Pokémon Occurs After A Giant War

Lt. Surge in Pokemon

When you meet Lt. Surge of the Vermillion City gym, he tells the player that “You won't live long in combat! That's for sure! I tell you what kid, electric Pokèmon saved me during the war!” This indicates that some time prior to the events of the game, there was some kind of war.

This also seems to explain why there are so many children running around doing pro-bono research work for scientists, why there seem to be very few adults around, and why there are whispers of scientists trying to manufacture powerful man-made Pokémon that could possibly be used as weapons. It turns out the history of Kanto itself is a tragic one, and the protagonist may be part of the very first generation to be born after a massive war.

10 Cubone Is A Baby Kangaskhan Who Lost Their Mother

Cubone in Pokemon

Pokémon is filled with tragedy, both in its world and in the stories of Pokémon themselves. It’s possible that of all 721 Pokémon species, no backstory is more tragic than that of Cubone, whose PokeDex entry in Pokémon Yellow reveals that Cubone “Wears the skull of its deceased mother. Its cries echo inside the skull and come out as a sad melody.” While this is sad enough on its own, some fans have notices a shocking resemblance between Cubone and the tiny baby creature that lives inside the pocket of Kangaskhan.

While it’s safe to assume the mini-Pokémon in Kangaskhan’s pocket is a baby Kangaskhan, some fans believe that that Pokémon is actually a Cubone that has yet to lose it’s mother. Fans believe that a baby Kangaskhan that doesn’t lose its mother prematurely evolves properly, while babies that are orphaned change type. The similarity is uncanny, yet adds even more tragedy to an already tragic backstory.

9 Voltorb Is Actually A Pokeball Possessed By A Haunter

Voltorb in Pokemon

Ghost Pokémon are a mainstay of the Pokémon series today, but in the original trilogy of Red, Blue, and Yellow, there were only three ghost Pokémon, all in the same evolution line, Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar were the sole representatives of soul Pokémon, removed from their bodies and dedicated to haunting the living, and for some reason everything they could get their tongues on.

Some believe, however, that these Pokémon’s influence goes deeper than just being Pokémon and that these ghosts actually caused other Pokémon to come into existence. Exhibit A: Voltorb. Voltorb appears to be a living Pokémon with definitively shaped eyes that yearns for death via self-destruction. Fans have noticed that Voltorb’s eyes actually look reminiscent of the eyes of ghost Pokémon Haunter, claiming that Voltorb is actually a Pokémon that has become possessed by a Haunter. Yikes!

8 N Is Really A Zoroark In Disguise

N Pokemon

The Legendary Pokemon known as Zoroark is listed under species as "Illusion Fox". This Pokémon is able to disguise itself in many different forms, and some fans believe that this Pokémon even disguises itself as your rival in Pokemon Black and White. The mysterious green-haired N seeks to free Pokémon from their lives of servitude to humans, which is certainly a political platform that most Pokémon would agree with.

There are moments in the game where a Zoroark will lead a character to a location, only to find not the Zoroark, but N by his lonesome. N also dons a suspiciously similar hairstyle to the legendary Pokémon, and if that wasn't enough – N seems to be the only human being in Pokémon that can actually communicate with Pokémon. Perhaps he can communicate with Pokémon because N, in reality, is a Pokémon.

7 Genesect is a Modified Kabutops

Genesect in Pokemon

Humans in the world of Pokémon are always trying to mess around with Pokémon in ways that they clearly aren't meant to be messed with. Consider for a moment, Genesect. The legendary robotic insect-looking Pokémon whose sole purpose seems to be to grow up and look like a villanious robot in a Robocop movie.

While Genesect's origins may be primarily man-made, many fans have noticed that Genesect shares a number of physical similarities with an ancient Pokémon that may have also served as a great weapon: Kabutops. Fans suspect that Genesect is actually an armored Kabutops that scientists have modified. While the scythe-arms that Kabutops once had likely served the Pokémon well in ancient times, it makes sense that an updated version would instead be given laser gun accessories to better fight in combat.

6 MissingNo Is What Happens When Pokemon Are Left In Pokeballs Too Long

Missing No Pokemon

Oh MissingNo. That classic series of misread data that results in a blocky glitch that can somehow learn the moves Water Gun and Sky Attack. While MissingNo was clearly a mistake on the parts of the creators of the original Pokémon series, that hasn't stopped fans from trying to canonize the most famous glitch in video game history. In fact, fans are so enamored with the Pokémon that they've begun to suspect that MissingNo is supposed to be a glitch in the world of Pokémon.

Pokémon seem to be collected in the form of data, as shown by the ability to transfer Pokémon back and forth over the computer. Fans suspect that Pokeballs house Pokémon by converting them into data. But what happens when that data become corrupted or they are left that way for too long? Fans suspect glitch Pokémon like MissingNo. are the result of Pokémon being treated like data.

5 Giovanni's Plan Is To Stop Mewtwo

Giovanni in Pokemon

Mewtwo seemed to be the most powerful Pokémon in the whole world in the first generation of games. So powerful in fact, that some fans suspect that the villainous Giovanni of Team Rocket was trying to catch the Pokémon for himself – but for the right reasons. Although Giovanni seems to be a villian, all of his power seemed to be dedicated to stopping the powerful man-made Pokémon Mewtwo.

Giovanni's collection of fossils are possibly an attempt to find a Pokémon powerful enough to stop Mewtwo, and the Master Ball in his possession is solely to allow Giovanni to catch Mewtwo and seal him away so that no damage can be done. While this has never been confirmed, this changes the entire plot of the original generation of games, proving that the main character really was a selfish jerk.

4 Mr. Mime is Ash’s Dad

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime raises a lot of questions. Most Pokemon seem to resemble animals of electronic creatures or sometimes even ice cream cones, by Mr. Mime seems to be a person. A two-legged, two-armed person. Mr. Mime wears gloves, much like a person does. Mr. Mime wears shoes, much like a human being would wear shoes. Mr. Mime lives with Ash's Mom, just like a human being would if they happened to be Ash's father.

Some fans online suspect that Mr. Mime really is Ash's father. Some fans believe that Ash's dad disguises himself up as a Mr. Mime to confuse his son for some reason, while other believe that Ash's father was the victim of some freak accident that turned him into the Pokemon known as Mr. Mime. No matter what the case is, it's definitely weird that Ash's single mother cohabitates with a very human Pokemon.

3 Farfetch'd Is One Of The First Pokemon That People Eat

Farfetch'd in Pokemon

The fact that people eat Pokémon feels odd in its own right, what with an entire black market focused on the sale of Slowpoke tails. However, some fans suspect that the very first Pokémon intended for human consumption was the leek-wielding bird known as Farfetch'd.

The Pokemon television show reveals that the PokeDex entry for Farfetch'd reads "Farfetch'd makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek. Because of this, Farfetch'd is nearly extinct." This whole Pokemon's identity is that it is destined to be cooked and eaten like a Peking Duck. While Farfetch'd seems to use that leek to defend itself, perhaps it was a bad call to use a delicious food item to accompany you when you're a target for consumption. That's like a pig carrying around a weaponized bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce.

2 The Main Character in Pokemon Is Secretly Rich

Voltorb in Pokemon

Can you imagine how expensive a hobby or career being a Pokémon trainer must be? Travel, training, healing, if all of that was truly free then the economy of Pokémon would be in shambles. Some fans suspect that there's a very important detail to the main character that is never mentioned properly in the game – the main character is loaded.

The protagonist starts out in a small, secluded community situated on the ocean, and happens to be friends with a world famous scientist. They're able to heal their Pokémon free of charge at any Pokémon Center and are even bestowed upon a super-rare starter Pokémon? Opportunities like this only come up if you're already in the top 1%. Add this to the large list of theories proving that the protagonist of R/B/Y was essentially a bully.

1 The Guy at the Beginning Of Every Gym In R/B/Y Is Secretly Your Dad

Pokemon Gym

In the first generation of Pokémon, there always seems to be someone standing at the front of the gym ready to bestow advice upon our young adventuring protagonist. Some fans, in their confusion of trying to determine who exactly this man is that follows the protagonist around and offering encouragement, have come to a surprising, yet obvious conclusion – it's your father.

You leave a single-parent household at the beginning of the game, and a mysterious man follows you around trying to help? That sounds awful fatherly. Fans suspect that your father is so embarrassed of abandoning you and your mother, that he offers this advice without ever even revealing that he is truly your father. Pokemon is full of sad, tragic stories and theories but it's nice to believe that even in the world of Pokémon, a father can try his hardest to redeem himself and never ask for forgiveness along the way. What a guy.


What is your favorite Pokémon fan theory?

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