Star Wars: 16 Craziest Fan Theories About The Original Trilogy

Star Wars fans have been around for 40 years now and in that time, they've come up with some incredibly crazy fan theories about the original trilogy.

The latest addition to the Star Wars franchise is upon us! The Last Jedi comes to theaters with a powerful history behind it. While you're waiting to once again travel a long time ago and far, far away, let's take a step back and remember the joy of that original trilogy. It was the first time we met our heroes, gasped at the villains, and got to know a universe like none we'd ever seen before. There were three amazing films that told a complete David and Goliath story of a young man rising from nothing to take down the ultimate evil - A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

Or, maybe... it wasn't so complete.

Ever since the original trilogy of Star Wars movies came out in theaters, fans have thought there was more than meets the eye to a lot of the story's famous plot points. These are things that still remain mysterious, despite multiple new movies and other entries into the canon. Some are as clever as Yoda and some are as crazy as... well, Yoda, but they're all fascinating.

And so, we present to you Star Wars: 16 Craziest Fan Theories About The Original Trilogy.

16 Han Solo, Secret Jedi?

Han Solo hates the odds (and don't you ever tell him what they are) as he dives headfirst into trouble so insane, it would make a droid malfunction. However, to paraphrase a different epic saga, what if the odds were actually in his favor?

Fans have often speculated that Han isn't the only one on the Falcon with the Force, or at least is a little Force sensitive. It's why he's always good at getting out of scrapes that would have killed others: blaster shots (more on that to come), carbonite freezing, and not getting smashed to bits by asteroids.

It also might explain why, year later, his and Leia's kid had enough raw Force talent to rule the entire galaxy... or you know, try to at least. We'll see how that one goes.

15 Not The First Obi-Wan

Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars

Ever wonder why one of the world's greatest Jedi went into hiding to live like a crazy hermit in the middle of the desert, and why he wouldn't remember two droids who helped save his life and the universe? Well, perhaps it's because this isn't the Jedi we're looking for.

The theory is that the Obi-Wan we meet in A New Hope is not the same younger man who helped out Princess Leia's father during the Clone Wars. In fact, he's a clone himself. For years, people even believed that the name Obi-Wan came from his serial number: OB1. Sadly, a lot of these theories were put to rest when Attack of the Clones came out, but it would help explain some of the eccentricities he shows during A New Hope.

That is, unless...

14 Obi-Wan Knows Everything

If R2-D2 and C-3PO were such an important part of his life while training to be the badass Jedi we know and love today, why did Obi-Wan not recognize them when they arrived to his home?

Answer: He absolutely did.

The fan theory here is that in order to help Luke along with his path as an impartial observer, he kept his past hidden and kept his connection to the droids secret. We already know he doesn't mind bending the truth (oh sure, tell us again how Vader killed Anakin) so this isn't so far off from that.

Plus, in the canonical novel version of A New Hope, they straight out state this: "'It’s good to fly with you again, my old friend,' the old man said, so softly Han wasn’t sure he had heard him right."

So there you have it.

13 R2-D2, Secret Rebel Agent

It's been pointed out many times before that during the prequels, C-3PO got his memory wiped and forgot all his exciting adventures. But you know who didn't? R2-D2!

This is why at the start of A New Hope, when C-3PO hesitates to get into the escape pod, R2 pushes him in. He's on a mission decades in the making. He's also the one who leads the group to Obi-Wan in the first place, not just because of Leia's orders, but because he knows they need the old general to win the war like the last time.

The droid's been playing sweet and dumb for years as the ultimate spy, but according to this theory, he hasn't been doing it alone...

12 Chewbacca, The Other Secret Rebel Agent

To complete this theory, another of our favorite characters might also have a hidden secret. In A New Hope, Chewie shows up as a lumbering, angry co-pilot to the much more charismatic and fun Han Solo. But what if it's all an act...

People believe that Han and Chewie were on Tattooine, the same time the droids were, because Chewie lead them there. It's also why Obi-Wan walked right up to him at the cantina to hitch a ride. They knew each other and were all working together to stop the Empire!

Maybe this finally explains why Chewie didn't get a medal at the end of A New Hope. If you're already part of the rebellion, and have been for years, then there's no need to celebrate you with the other new heroes. Finally, here's an explanation to that medallion snub that we like!

11 Luke Was Hiding On Tatooine On Purpose

A big gripe a lot of people have had about the original trilogy is that Luke Skywalker was "hidden" on his father's home planet as a baby. However, this might have been the perfect spot to keep someone secret.

We know that Anakin hates a place with sand because, and we quote, it's "coarse and rough and irritating." We also know that the last time he was there, he was forced to try and save his kidnapped mother (and failed) and then slaughtered all the sand people who took her in a fit of rage. Maybe that's not a spot he wants to return to?

In a galaxy with millions of planets, hiding him on a remote one that Vader never wanted to come back to isn't actually the worst idea.

10 Beware The Teeth Of The Ewok

Teebo The Ewok With Boar-Wolf Headdress in Star Trek

Hey, remember the Ewoks? Of course you do, they're adorable and fuzzy and totally ready to eat you at a moment's notice. Wait, what?

In Return, we watch as our heroes get captured, strung up in nets, and then brought back to the Ewok village for a celebrity feast - with Han and Luke being the main course. A lot of viewers have been pretty disturbed by how knowledgeable the Ewoks were about hogtying our heroes and how many supplies they had ready for a feast at a moment's notice.

Granted, they probably did this with other animals on the planet, but with all those new Stormtroopers running around, this probably wasn't the first time they chowed down on human. Maybe makes you rethink those adorable scenes the next time you watch them.

9 Master Of Time, Yoda Is

Yoda trains Luke Skywalker on Dagobah

One of the big inconsistencies in Empire Strikes Back is the issue of time. Luke trains to be a Jedi in the same amount of time it takes for Han and crew to fly to Cloud City and get captured. Really, it doesn't add up.

Unless, of course, Yoda has the power to slow down time.

The theory is that Yoda, Master of the Force, is able to drag out the moments, giving Luke more time to train and become a Jedi. That, or he is able to enter Luke's mind and all the training we see happens instantaneously inside of Luke's head. Either way, it would explain a plot hole that's long bugged fans of all kinds.

8 The Force Protects All

Darth Vader blocks Han Solos blaster fire in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Here's another Force power you might not know about (since, you know, it's not canon, but people believe it): if you've got it, you're protected again blaster fire!

Wonder why Stormtroopers are such bad shots? Turns out, they're not; the power of the force protects those from being hit. It's why our heroes were always able to stay unscathed, despite hundreds of lasers being fired at them (and this would also support that Han is a Jedi theory).

We saw a little more of this during Rogue One, when the blind Chirrut Îmwe avoids all lasers by believing in the Force, but go back and watch the original trilogy - it sure seems like something is protecting everyone from ever getting hit.

7 The Secret Evil Sign Of The Lars Family

We're not so sure about this one, but it's fun, so we're including it all the same. When we meet Luke for the first time, he's living in his idyllic yet boring family home. However, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the intricate design pattern on the roof of the Lars family home bears some eerie resemblance to the tattoos of legendary Sith apprentice, Darth Maul!

The theory goes that Owen and Beru would have eventually let Luke train in the ways of the force, but for the dark side! They were keeping him long past the young age when Jedi would have normally been trained to eventually turn him into Sith. While it's a little far-fetched, we do love the idea of an evil Uncle Owen and evil Aunt Beru. That's a movie we would watch.

6 Boba Fett, Family Murderer

Boba Fett and Darth Vader as they appear in The Empire Strikes Back

We know that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru were murdered in their homes, supposedly by Stormtroopers. But if Vader was looking for information, wouldn't he want to take prisoners (as we saw happen earlier in the movie) and not straight up slaughter everyone?

The theory is that Vader didn't just send his  men to find the droids, he hired bounty hunters, like he does again a movie later. And if Obi-Wan was correct that "only Stormtroopers are so precise," then perhaps it's the man with Stormtrooper DNA?

People have speculated it was actually Boba Fett looking for these droids. This theory got more evidence thanks to the special editions, since we know he's on Tatooine at this time. Additionally, in Empire, Vader specifically points out Fett with the other hunters and tells him, "No disintegration." We guess even Vader thought the man took it a little too far last time.

5 The Empire: Good Guys?

The Emperor uses Force Lightning in Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Here's a theory that may make you change your mind about the entire trilogy. Some fans believe the Emperor, ruler of the entire galaxy, wasn't just trying to crush all his enemies, but unite them against a bigger foe. Either through the Force or his network of informants, he learned there was an attack coming against the entire universe, and needed to build the weapons to fight them off.

In the non-canonical books, the future universe is at war with a race known as the Yuuzhan Vong, who conquer and slaughters all. While this hasn't happened in the film series (yet!), some fans think that this may be what the Emperor was preparing for with his evil Empire.

4 Vader Was Mastered By His Emotions

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader lightsaber duel in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

We always kind of wondered how Luke - a fantastic but pretty new Jedi - was able to easily overcome his father - one of the greatest and most powerful Jedi who had ever lived - at the end of Return. The fan theory is that Darth Vader actually let him win.

Unable to destroy his son and overcome by emotions at learning he also has a daughter who's still alive, Vader's heart wasn't in the battle. Fans claim that eventually he just gives up as Luke severs his robotic hand. Vader only returned to the fight when he is able to help save his son, giving up his life in exchange for his family's. It's actually kind of sweet, in a dark twisted way.

3 That's No Asteroid Field

Exogorth Space Slug in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Remember in Empire when Han and crew land on that asteroid, only to learn it's actually home to a giant intergalactic space slug who likes the taste of Falcon? It was a little weird, since asteroids aren't normally known for hosting life.

The theory goes that up until a little while ago, the whole asteroid field was actually a planet. This, it's said, was the first testing ground for the Death Star. Some believe that before they went blowing up Alderaan, they started here, just to make sure it would work.

The next time you watch the film, keep an eye out for little signs of once-life floating through that field. That ought to make the already incredibly depressing Empire even better, right?

2 The People's Politician

Angry Darth Sidious (Palpatine)

We love A New Hope, with its secret plans and gung-ho attempt to destroy yhe Death Star. However, what if it wasn't an attempt to take down an Empire, but in fact, exactly what the Emperor wanted?

Some claim that the Emperor secretly approved of that design flaw built into his metal monstrosity and then let the rebellion fly away with the plans, only so they could blow it up. This would make them seem more like angry radicals than righteous freedom fighters. The Emperor wanted to gain support around the universe in order to do bigger, more maniacal things in the future.

We think he's probably just evil and that everything he does is evil, but we do like the idea of him making such complicated plans just to improve his poll numbers.

1 The Stories' Robotic Narrator

R2D2 Star Wars The Force Awakens BTS SDCC

Ever wondered why R2-D2 has been in every main Star Wars story so far, and probably will be for the rest of time? If you haven't, perhaps you are now, and luckily, we have an answer for you.

Like the Game of Thrones fan theory that the entire story is being told by Sam Tarly, some Star Wars fans believe is that everything we've seen - good and bad - is told from the perspective of R2-D2. He's our great narrator and everything if filtered through his vision, making the good guys even more heroic and the villains even more villainous.

With new Star Wars movies coming out from now until, well, possibly infinity, we may never see a narrator close the book for good on this tale. However, if we did, there are worse storytellers out there than this adorable, chirpy little robot.


What's your fan theory about the original Star Wars movies? Let us know in the comments!

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