12 Craziest Fan Petitions Of All Time

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Whether they’re silly, misinformed, or just plain impossible, there are some really crazy things that fans ask for sometimes. And now we’ve reached the point where people with odd requests can share their ideas online and turn it into a petition. People can even get their petitions looked at by the White House if they’re popular enough. While some people use that power to make genuine, thoughtful requests, many others create petitions that gain the support of thousands, but just leave us scratching our heads and wondering why.

While there are bizarre petitions about Twinkies, Sasquatches, and nearly everything else under the sun, this list will focus on weird petitions from fan communities that stem from games, TV shows, and movies. And we’ve obviously reached a point where anyone can make a petition about anything and get a couple people to sign it, so to raise the bar a little bit, this will only include petitions that had a strong enough interest to garner at least 1,000 signatures.

With that, here are the 12 Craziest Fan Petitions Of All Time.

12 Let Deadpool host Saturday Night Live


Probably one of the most recent petitions on this list, and certainly not an impossible one to achieve either. But why Deadpool? Looking beyond the novelty of a comic book character hosting Saturday Night Live, Deadpool’s gimmick wouldn’t really work well for this situation. He’s known for breaking the fourth wall, but as the host he’d already be speaking to the audience, so that would negate one of his most noteworthy characteristics. Sure, Deadpool would be able to do proper wall breaks for the crowd during the skits, but then that negates whatever character he’d be playing in the skit, since he’d constantly be reverting back to Deadpool regardless of the gag. Plus, how weird would it be to have Ryan Reynolds dress up as Deadpool, who’d then be dressing up as other characters on the show?

Over 75,000 people signed the petition to have Deadpool host, so there’s probably a lot of people who would watch this, but it’s just not the best venue for Deadpool. Remember that other petition a mother made asking for a PG-13 version of the Deadpool movie so her kid could watch it? Those same kind of restrictions would hinder the R-rated hero as a show host. He couldn’t curse like a sailor, or engage in brutal violence, or show how he celebrates International Women’s Day. With those kind of rules, it’s just not Deadpool.

11 Put Robin Williams in The Legend of Zelda

Robin Williams in World's Greatest Dad

While some of these petitions are crazy due to the fact that they're impossible, or asking for things that leave us wondering why anyone would want them, petitions like this are crazy due to seeing such an outpouring of support for someone in a really unique way. After the tragic death of Robin Williams, fans of the actor wanted to see him honored somehow. Williams was a fan of video games, and even named his daughter Zelda after The Legend of Zelda franchise. So nearly 120,000 people figured: what better way to pay tribute to the man than to ask Nintendo to name a character after Williams in the next Legend of Zelda game?

Nintendo saw the petition, and issued a statement of their support for Robin’s family, especially his daughter Zelda who they had worked with before. Nintendo wasn’t willing to say whether they will commemorate Robin in the way fans requested, but they didn’t rule it out either. At first glance, the possibility of Robin Williams rubbing shoulders with Link and Ganondorf is pretty strange. But hearing the story behind it, the idea of Robin being remembered in Hyrule is pretty touching, because it shows how much he’s remembered by his fans.

10 Target should ban the Bible because they banned Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto

This all started with a petition for Grand Theft Auto V to be removed from the shelves of Target stores in Australia due to its mature content. The petition was very popular, and Target soon acquiesced to the concerned supporters. Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series weren’t happy about this and created a petition in retaliation, asking Australia’s Targets to remove the Bible for also having content that many might find objectionable. The second petition was clearly made out of spite to try and point out a double standard, but nonetheless managed to attract over 60,000 signatures.

It’s just a shame none of those 60,000 people checked to see if Targets in Australia actually sold the Bible—which they don’t. Target Australia informed everyone of this via Twitter, but did compliment the signees on their ability to amass so much support for a pointless petition. This is just another example of why research should come before outrage and rallying people to a cause that might be misinformed.

9 Give Joe Biden a reality show

Joe Biden at the Oscars

Politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura show that there’s room for crossover appeal between entertainers going into politics. But politicians going into entertainment? Well, Sarah Palin tried it with her reality show and it was canceled after nine episodes. Maybe she just wasn’t right for the camera, though. So over 2,500 people signed a petition to give the idea another shot, this time with Vice President Joe Biden.

Admittedly, Biden’s career is known for having some humorous moments, but this petition wanted the show to air on C-SPAN and follow Biden in his duties on the job to “show the lighthearted side of politics.” How much could cameras possibly even capture that wouldn’t jeopardize classified information? This isn’t Mark Wahlberg or Kim Kardashian whose careers are based on being in the spotlight. This is a man who sits in on meetings about war and has to help plan against terrorist threats. Regardless of what political beliefs you have, most of us can probably agree that politicians are better off spending their time focusing on world issues rather than trying to become the next Snooki from Jersey Shore.

8 Fire Anita Sarkeesian from a Game She Has Nothing to Do With

Anita Sarkeesian

It’s no secret that there’s a subset of gamers who don’t like feminists. Just ask Anita Sarkeesian, the woman behind the Feminist Frequency web series that critiques depictions of women in video games. Simply pointing out some basic things such as commonplace sexualization of female game characters has gotten Sarkeesian subjected to horribly vicious and daily harassment.

Paranoia that Sarkeesian wants to censor everything and somehow ruin gaming reached a ridiculous new peak when a petition was made to remove her from the development team behind Mirror’s Edge 2, gathering nearly 55,000 supporters. The problem? She was never even involved in the making of the game to begin with. The entire rumor was based off of fabricated quotes Sarkeesian had supposedly made. Mirror’s Edge 2 publisher EA cleared up the misconception, and Feminist Frequency’s Sarkeesian got a chuckle out of people who "Freq" out before checking their facts.

7 Bring back R. Mika’s butt slap

R Mika Butt Slap

Speaking of silly claims of censorship… in a beta version of Street Fighter V, wrestler Rainbow Mika slapped her butt before executing her critical attack where she uses her behind to slam her opponent’s face into the ground. Capcom elected to forgo having close ups of any butt slappage in the final release, saying they didn’t want to alienate players who might be put off by that kind of thing. Admittedly, the taunt was kind of funny, and pretty tame compared to how silly Street Fighter can get, but developer’s change stuff from betas all the time, so it was really no big deal, right?

Wrong. It became one of the most talked about aspects of the game leading up to its release, with many calling it censorship (though Capcom said this was an internal decision not made from any outside pressure). Gamers made a petition demanding the butt slap return and some vowing to not buy the game otherwise, amassing over 8,500 supporters. After being ignored, someone simply modded R. Mika’s butt slap back in themselves, and everyone was happy! Yay butts?

Maybe the whole thing was fitting, though, since Street Fighter V missing basic elements like an arcade mode upon release, which left everyone feeling a bit spanked. Perhaps that’s the kind of thing that would have been more deserving of a no ifs, ands, or but(t)s about it petition.

6 Bring back George Lucas as director for Star Wars

George Lucas' Star Wars: The Force Awakens reaction

As bad as the Star Wars prequels were, we still have George Lucas to thank for introducing us to such a popular universe to begin with. So whatever good will remains from Lucas originating the franchise can be the only explanation for why over 25,000 people have signed a petition saying they want Lucas back to direct more Star Wars movies. But this is the man who subsequently gave us Jar Jar Binks, Darth Vader’s infamous “NOOOO” scene, and has increasingly frustrated fans by repeatedly returning to tamper with the original trilogy.

Lucas will always be the father of Star Wars, but part of being a parent is realizing when your child has grown up and is ready to make their own mark in the world. The Force Awakens has shown us the series is more than fine under new directors. Backpedaling now would just be totally illogical with fans finally excited about the franchise again. Lucas made an inventive world, but he also made a lot of mistakes in that world as time went by. Bringing him back would probably beat out the recently announced plans to name a ship the Titanic II as the biggest disaster waiting to happen.

5 Build a Master Chief statue on the White House lawn

Halo Master Chief

Halo is one of the most popular video game series still going, and has demonstrated itself as a major system seller for Microsoft’s Xbox. No doubt the games deserve recognition from gaming magazines and award shows. Apparently some people even think the series deserves recognition from the President of the United States. The President saying it’s a good game series wouldn’t even be good enough for these fans. The supporters of this petition want a statue of Master Chief made, and for it to be placed right on the White House lawn for all to see.

The petition maker got right to the point in making the case for the Master Chief statue proposal, saying, “He deserves more praise for what he has done.” That’s the entire sales pitch. It’s unclear whether the petition means what Master Chief has done for video games, or for protecting the world in his fictional universe. Regardless, the simple statement was good enough for a lot of people, garnering over 5,000 signatures. Time’s ticking if Obama actually wants to make this happen. But maybe he’s more of a Borderlands guy.

4 Bring back Beth from The Walking Dead

Beth The Walking Dead

This petition is a great example of why fake-out deaths are not just lazy writing, but are bad for TV culture as a whole. Fans have been so conditioned into seeing characters miraculously survive certain death, that over 65,000 people out there believe the writers of The Walking Dead could create some plausible explanation for why Beth didn’t die in the show. A character who was shot in the head. Meaning she couldn’t even return as a zombie.

Of course the writers could still find some excuse, like it was just a dream sequence, or Beth had been cloned, but why should they have to resort to anything that silly? TV shows are allowed to be sad, and in a show about zombies walking the Earth, tragedy should be expected. It’s healthy to mourn death, but not to cling to far-fetched hopes about it not being real. There are five stages of grief, and it’s time for these fans to move past denial, and onto acceptance.

3 Legalize marriage between humans and two-dimensional cartoon characters

Brad Pitt in Cool World

We all know there are plenty of people who are interested in animated characters as more than just entertainment. There’s a reason why if you ever Google a cartoon character, you’ll want to have safe search enabled. Evidently, in 2008 a man in Japan wanted to take it one step further, and actually marry a girl from a manga. He supposedly said he wanted to become part of the two-dimensional world, but realizing that was impossible, he wanted the next best thing in having a legal marriage to one of the characters he was attracted to.

The original 2008 petition for this allegedly gathered around 1,000 signatures, though it’s worth noting that the petition doesn’t seem to be found online. Could it be a hoax that a bunch of publications ran with? Possibly, but then in 2009 a man actually did have a wedding ceremony between himself and a virtual character, so apparently this wasn’t a unique idea. We’ll refrain from asking how they consummated the wedding night.

2 Make a real Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

After watching any of the Jurassic Park films, is your first reaction “those dinosaurs sure look fun, I wish I could go there too” as the credits roll? If so, you’re probably kicking yourself for not adding your name to this petition of nearly 2,000 people who wanted a National Park to be filled with clones of dinosaurs (and wooly mammoths).

Besides the obvious danger of the idea, we humans aren’t really good at taking care of other species. What’s to stop the dinosaurs from breaking out (like they do in the movies), or from being targeted by poachers (like they are in the movies)? There are cute dinosaurs too, and we don’t need another Cecil the lion incident on our hands from someone killing one of the "clever girls." This petition was clearly made as a joke, but some ideas are just better left in the past. While seeing living dinosaurs would be cool, we’ve witnessed the results in every single Jurassic Park movie. It’s all fun and games until someone winds up T-Rex chow.

1 Build a Death Star

Star Wars Death Star

Despite the Death Star’s infamous design flaw of being susceptible to destruction from its exhaust port, it’s proven to be about as popular as hoverboards were last year. Except after we learned hoverboards tend to explode, they started to get outlawed. The Death Star explodes in Star Wars films, and they build another not once, but basically twice, if you include the Starkiller Base The Force Awakens. Fans of the franchise apparently want to get in on that fun judging by the nearly 35,000 people who signed a petition requesting the space station in real life and sent it to the White House.

The petition even got an official White House response which does a great job explaining why the idea is ridiculous. Beyond the design flaw already mentioned, the response continues by explaining that the White House Administration is not in favor of blowing up planets. Even if they changed their stance on that policy, the response also says the plan isn't economically feasible due to the estimate for constructing a Death Star being $850,000,000,000,000,000. Which begs the question, where did Darth Vader ever get the money to build two of them?


Can you name any even more ridiculous petitions? Let us know in the comments, or share why you think these ideas aren't so crazy after all.

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