13 Craziest Dragon Ball Fan Theories

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Fans of shows sometimes spend more time thinking about the answers to plot lines (or plot holes) and other mysteries than the creators themselves, coming up with creative and sometimes downright crazy fan theories. Though maybe there is a sliver of truth to some of them. Whether it's the identity of Goten's father (because of course it's not Goku, why would you think that?) or Krillin being the best fighter ever (because if you can still get up after being beaten by every villain in the show, you certainly have some skill - or a death wish), fans will find ways to add to the lore of Dragon Ball.

But what are some of the weirdest fan theories, including Goten's questionable parentage and Krillin's God-like power? Of course they involve, among other things, alternate universes, Goku ruining literally everyone's good time, and even other franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog. Find out more when you read about these 13 Craziest Dragon Ball Fan Theories.

13 Everyone Would Be Happier Without Goku Around

Goku Super Kaio-ken

The happy-go-lucky hero who is one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball universe, Goku has saved the Earth from exploding a lot. However, the truth of the matter may be that without Goku, the Earth never would be in danger of exploding in the first place.

Some fans have done in-depth theorizing about what the world of Dragon Ball would be like if Goku had never come to Earth. In a reverse It's a Wonderful Life scenario, everyone would actually be a lot happier without Goku around to ruin everything.

If Goku never went to Earth, Raditz never would have come looking for him there, wreaking such havoc. He wouldn't have ticked off people like Dr. Gero, who in turn wouldn't have created the Androids and Cell to hunt him down. Buu wouldn't have emerged without the Super Saiyans on Earth, who never would have come there without Goku. And Frieza would certainly be happier!

So yeah, whether you're a villain who was bested by him or a friend who gets into mortal danger because of him, having Goku around is a real downer!

12 Bulma's Mom Is An Android

Bulma's parents in Dragon Ball

Bulma's dad may have hit the jackpot, or he may have created an Android to be his unwillingly wedded wife, Panchy. Yes, Dr. Brief has more than enough knowledge to create an Android. Why is she an Android, you may ask? It's not just because she is so much younger than Dr. Brief. After all, love isn't defined by numbers... for the most part. No, it's because Bulma's mother never seems to age. Fans argue she's secretly screaming inside because she's forced into servitude by Dr. Brief.

Other fans may point out that an Android could not bear a child, and therefore Dr. Brief's wife couldn't be one, since she had Bulma. But they're forgetting about Android 18, who had Krillin's child. However, Android 18 is able to reproduce because she was human before being kidnapped by Dr. Gero and getting turned into an Android. So it's definitely possible for an Android under those circumstance to reproduce.

So clearly, Dr. Brief kidnapped a woman, turned her into an Android, and made her become his wife. That's... actually pretty dark. Poor Panchy!

11 Half Saiyans Are More Powerful Because Of Their Adrenal Glands

Goten and Trunks running from a dinosaur in Dragon Ball Z

Full-blooded Saiyans may be impressive foes. But some fans argue half-Saiyan hybrids are actually more powerful than any full-blooded one. Trunks and Goten are both examples of powerful Saiyans who are only half-blooded. They're both able to go Super Saiyan at bizarrely young ages.

One user on the Anime Boards, LouisZepher, goes a little more in-depth as to why half-Saiyan are more powerful, bringing up a key part of the human anatomy: our adrenal glands. According to this user, "Take the emotion driven adrenal glands, and put them into a fighting spirit, and you come up with the most powerful type of fighter." You follow all of that? So half-Saiyans, who are human and therefore have more emotions than Saiyans (who typically lack emotion), are able to increase their powers.

An example would be how Gohan's power level rises whenever his loved ones are in danger. True power comes from emotions - and adrenal glands!

10 Krillin Is The Most Skillful Z Fighter

Krillin gets hit by Raditz's tail

Yes Krillin, the guy who has died and come back at least three times, the one who is the butt of just about every Dragon Ball joke, is the most skillful Z Fighter of them all! The Z Fighters are a small group of humans who defend the Earth, a team that has previously consisted of Yamcha, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu, to name a few. And still (according to this fan theory mind you), Krillin is the most skilled among them.

Dorkly delves deeper into the theory that Krillin is the most skillful Z Fighter, while pointing out that he is definitely not the most powerful character. According to Dorkly, "Whereas Goku and Vegeta got nice power boosts after every battle because they were born Saiyans, Krillin had to learn to survive in a world that outclassed him by miles." Following this so-called logic, Krillin's skills are better than any other Z Fighter.

9 Dragon Ball Inspired Sonic the Hedgehog

Goku and Sonic the Hedghog go Super Saiyan

Remember the blue hedgehog who's gotta go fast? Fans believe the Sonic Universe took several cues from Dragon Ball - some more obvious than others.

The most obvious example would be how Sonic is able to pretty much go Super Saiyan after getting all the Chaos Emeralds, becoming immersed in a yellow aura and getting spiky hair (no hair gel necessary!). This is strikingly similar to when Goku and his pals go Super Saiyan.

Fans continue to see more parallels between the two worlds. The protagonists of each series are strikingly similar. Sonic, like Goku, is a "carefree hero" and both are considered "their universe's greatest hero/fighters." Shadow and Vegeta are both "proud" rivals of the main character who later become heroes. Then there's Silver and Trunk, who both go back in time to save the world.

We'll also argue that Amy Rose is similar to Chi Chi in some ways - she is in love with our hero, and can be extremely dangerous if she gets angry. Tails could be Krillin, Knuckles could be Piccolo, Rouge could be Bulma... the list goes on and on!

So, could it be that Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball are two separate universes in the same reality?

8 Dragon Ball GT Takes Place In An Alternate Timeline

Dragon Ball GT intro showing the Black Star Dragon Balls

Viewers will remember (some more fondly than others) that Dragon Ball GT follows the adventures of Goku, who has been transformed into a child because of the Black Star Dragon Balls. While it's considered a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, taking place five years after the end of the anime, some fans theorize the TV series actually takes place in an alternate universe. Since so many fans despise Dragon Ball GT and consider it an unworthy follow up to Dragon Ball Z, some have posited that it's not really canon-- and is instead a different universe entirely from DBZ. There are even theories that GT is a fan-created story-- like fanfiction or a fan-made manga from the universe that the real DBZ takes place in.

It has already been established that there are multiple timelines in the Dragon Ball universe, so why not alternate universes? Though the creators were happy with the show and consider it canon, fans will happily consider this show non-canon.

7 As Do The DBZ Movies

Garlic Jr. - Dragon Ball Z Dead Zone

Fans who were displeased with the Dragon Ball movies also argue that they take place in an alternate universe. This would answer for some inconsistencies (plot holes) in the movies. Many users discuss which movies could be canon in fan forums and fan websites. So are these movies really alternate timelines? Retellings of stories that happened in the main universe? Or stories that never happened at all within the universe and are just brief diversions from the "real" story?

On a Reddit thread related to which of the movies are canon, user adrianmalacoda mentions the movies that should not be considered canon, including "Movies 1 - 13... had little to no involvement [from] Akira Toriyama, the author of the manga and the creator of the franchise. They are difficult to fit into the story of the manga. The same goes for Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans." He goes on to say a film that is canon would then be "Battle of Gods... because Akira Toriyama was heavily involved in it."

6 The Original Super Saiyan God And The Guardian Of Planet Vegeta Was The Same Person

Original Super Saiyan God and the Guardian of Planet Vegeta

According to Dragon Ball legend, an unnamed Super Saiyan, the original Super Saiyan God, wanted to defeat all the evil Saiyans. He used power obtained from five other pure-hearted Saiyans to become the Super Saiyan God to fight these evil Saiyans on Planet Vegeta but lost because of how briefly the transformation lasted.

Then there is the Guardian of Planet Vegeta (whose job is pretty much self-explanatory), also an unnamed character with a cape. He bears a resemblance to the mysterious Super Saiyan God, which spawned the fan theory that the two are actually the same person.

It could be that the Guardian of Planet Vegeta, after seeing the evil that had become of the planet, decided to destroy it and himself. He could have become the Super Saiyan God who destroyed the planet. Any remaining survivors who escaped the planet in time went to Planet Tuffle and renamed it Planet Vegeta (which would later get destroyed by Frieza, explaining the inconsistent explainations on how Planet Vegeta met its end).

5 The Golden Great Ape Is The Legendary Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Golden Great Ape

During the Frieza saga, Vegeta talks about Goku being the "legendary Super Saiyan." According to this legend, this being only appears roughly every 1000 years. However, there is a fan theory that Goku is not actually this legendary being. At least, his human form is not. So who is the real legendary Super Saiyan then? It's a Super Saiyan in the form of the Golden Great Ape.

The Golden Great Ape is a Saiyan that goes super while in his great ape form. Some fans believe Goku's ape is the legendary Super Saiyan because when Vegeta talks about the legend, we see an image of the Golden Great Ape and not Goku.

However, it could be another Super Saiyan. After all, Vegeta and Broly are both capable of becoming Golden Great Apes. Broly even transforms into the "Legendary Great Ape." But this also means other Saiyans have the potential to become a Golden Great Ape as well. So is Goku truly the legendary Super Saiyan in any sense of the world, or has Vegeta made a big mistake?

4 The True Identity Of Goku Black

Black Goku

Goku Black is the main antagonist of the Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super. It was revealed in Dragon Ball Super episode 57 that his true identity was Zamasu from an unaltered timeline. Zamasua was originally the North Kai of Universe 10. He stole Goku's body, with his main goal being to destroy everyone.  However, before Goku Black's identity was revealed, fans had plenty of interesting theories as to his true identity.

Theories ranged from Goku Black being a corrupt future or alternate version of Goku, a creature from the Demon realm, one of Dr. Gero's Androids, or the original God of Destruction. There's also the theory that Black Goku is actually a fusion of Goku and a Supreme Kai from the demon world. Some of these theories may have made for better, less complicated stories, rather than just having one of the Kai's hold Goku's body hostage as was revealed in canon.

3 The Grand Priest/Omni King The True Villain

The Grand Priest and Omni King

The Grand Priest is an angel who is the father of Whis and Vados. According to the amazingly powerful Whis, he can't even come close to defeating his father, hinting at his power level. He is considered one of the top 5 fighters in the entire Dragon Ball Universes. In the manga, he is called the strongest warrior in the multiverse. The Grand Priest seems like such a sweet guy... but is it all a ruse?

Some fans suggest the Grand Priest is actually a villain. He would make for an amazing foe, considering he may be the strongest character in the entire universe. Another character that fans think may become the next big villain is the Omni King, the God of Everything. He's so adorable, which is immediately suspect.

Both characters appear in the Universal Tournament poster, which made fans question whether the Omni King or Grand Priest will turn out to be villains during or after the events of the Tournament. The two combined could make for an unstoppable team of good... or evil!

2 Gohan Was Traumatized By The Ginyu Force

The Great Saiyaman posing

As a child, Gohan had to help take on the Ginyu Force, Freiza's elite forces that went around conquering planets for him. Despite them being a goofy parody of Super Sentai shows such as Power Rangers, the group is extremely powerful. They were able to beat Gohan so thoroughly that fans think he was psychologically traumatized by the experience and it affected him well into his adult life.

Signs of Gohan's traumatization are obvious when he becomes the costumed fighter known as the Great Saiyaman. While in costume, he makes goofy poses that hearken back to the Ginyu Force's Power Ranger-esque stances. This is him subconsciously manifesting the trauma he experienced as a child that he never dealt with after his battle with the Ginyu Force.

There are also several other theories floating around about Gohan and the Ginyu Force. There is one suggesting they made him the powerhouse he is today and another that Captain Ginyu swapped bodies with Gohan, Goku Black-style!

1 Yamcha Is Gohan's Real Father, Not Goku

Yamcha and Gohan

Goku was gone for a few years at the beginning of Gohan's life. But could he have also been gone for his conception? Some fans suggest Yamcha is Gohan's real father and that Chi Chi has been lying to Goku all these years by pretending Goten is his son. After all, who would want to make Goku angry? But as he ages, Gohan looks more and more like Yamcha.

This fan theory is often rejected outright since Gohan is a Super Saiyan and therefore must have Super Saiyan blood. But SuperSaiyan1993 has that covered: "Chi-Chi became paranoid. She didn't want Goku to ascertain that Gohan wasn't his and then kill her in a jealous rage. So she asked Dr. Briefs to inject Goku's DNA into the womb. The Saiyan DNA merged with the chromosomes from Yamcha and Chi-Chi (somehow)." Yes, it's a joke theory, but you have to admire the dedication to close up all those loose ends.


What Dragon Ball fan theories do you think are the craziest? Are there any you think are true? Do you have any crazy fan theories you know of that we didn't mention worth sharing? Then let us know in the comments below!

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