Crank Director Wants To Start A New Cinematic Universe

Crank co-director Brian Taylor would love the series to spawn a cinematic universe of its own. The original Crank was a hyperactive, video game-style action movie where Jason Statham played a poisoned assassin who is forced to keep his adrenaline pumping to stay alive. The movie’s mix of action and wacky humor helped make it a surprise hit, and cemented Statham as an action star.

Crank 2: High Voltage picked up shortly after the original, where Statham’s character is fitted with an electronic heart and must shock himself constantly to keep it charged. The movie one-upped the insanity of the original, but despite becoming a cult movie in the years since, it failed to top the box-office gross of the first movie. Talk of another movie appears occasionally, but for now, there are no solid plans for a third entry.

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The Crank movies were co-directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and while being interviewed on The Movie Crypt podcast Taylor revealed part of the problem with Crank 3 is finding a good hook and a way to up the craziness.

My feeling about Crank 3 is that Crank 3 should be as exponentially more f***ed up than Crank 2, as Crank 2 was Crank 1. Obviously, there’s been talk here and there but I’ve never really felt that creatively it was f***ed up enough to really do. Because the studio will get in contact with us: ‘What do you guys think about this?’ ‘What do you guys think about that?’ And the scenarios are always very tame compared to what I think it should be.

If Taylor found a concept he's still game for a third entry – and maybe a whole cinematic universe of Crank movies.

Jason Statham as Chev Chelios in Crank

Obviously, there’s a great movie there somewhere. I don’t know if it’s going to be Jason Statham in a wheelchair, 40 years from now. I think there should be a Crank cinematic universe. Not just one movie. So who knows? There’s nothing in the works right now. But you never know.

A third Crank would be a lot of fun, but it seems like there's no a rush to make one. Jason Statham, in particular, is busy on other high profile projects. Next up is Meg, where he plays a Navy captain who has to rescue a deep sea research station from a 75-foot shark. The movie is positioning itself as a potential blockbuster, with the actor himself comparing it to Jaws and Jurassic Park. Statham is also set to reprise his role as Deckard Shaw for Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs spinoff. The two showed good chemistry together in The Fate Of The Furious, so the studio was keen to pair them for a solo adventure.

Cinematic universes are obviously a tempting prospect for studios from a financial perspective, but they’ve proven tricky to develop. Universal’s Dark Universe got off to bad start with Tom Cruise dud The Mummy, but it appears the studio hasn’t totally abandoned ship and Bride Of Frankenstein is still coming. Legendary's MonsterVerse is doing well so far, but Warner Bros. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword failed to kick off a planned series of movies and spinoffs.

Taylor had his tongue slightly in cheek with his reference to a Crank cinematic universe, but since the movies are made for a modest budget and have a loyal fanbase, a series of adventures where Statham mauls himself in ever more outlandish ways sounds like fun.

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Source: The Movie Crypt

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