The Craft Reboot Getting Rewrite from 10 Cloverfield Lane Writer

The Craft reboot/remake is still moving forward, with the script now being handled by screenwriter Daniel Casey (10 Cloverfield Lane).

Fans of the cult supernatural horror film The Craft (a movie concerning witchcraft and all things supernatural) may be excited to find out that developing Craft remake/reboot is slated to receive a rewrite from none other than 10 Cloverfield Lane co-writer Daniel Casey. Fans of the original 1990s movie may well remember the Andrew Fleming-directed drama, involving four teenage girl outcasts who collectively try their hands at witchcraft, with unintended and disastrous results.

Following its initial theatrical release from distributor Columbia Pictures in 1996, The Craft grossed $55 million in ticket sales at the box office on a total budget of $15 million. Since that time, the film has garnered a significant cult following, thus cementing its status as a bonafide cult-classic - making any and all updates concerning its remake/reboot all the more worth noting.

According to The Tracking Board, Casey has just been tapped to provide a rewrite to the script for The Craft remake/reboot, following the completion of a script draft overseen by director Leigh Janiak. With recent reports stating that Janiak intends for her followup to the original 1996 film to be more of a sequel than a remake or reboot - with Columbia Pictures studio heads already having been won over by Janiak's pitch for a new movie centered around female empowerment - things are arguably looking up for this new take on The Craft.

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Given that Casey is something of a hot commodity in Hollywood at the present moment, the fact that The Craft returning producers Doug Wick and Columbia Pictures executive Lucy Fisher have cornered his talents to rewrite the movie means that their is definite interest in the remake from the studio. Whether or not fans of the Fleming-directed original feature will be excited by the opportunity to revisit the cult-classic some twenty-plus years later remains to be seen, but with any luck the movie will manage to draw an audience of those both intimately acquainted and unfamiliar with the 1996 original.

Only time will tell how well production proceeds in the making of The Craft remake as directed by Janiak, but with 10 Cloverfield Lane script doctor Casey hard at work on a rewrite, things are decidedly moving forward in the right direction on the upcoming film. In the meantime, here's to hoping for the very bets from Janiak, Casey, and company.

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Source: The Tracking Board

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