Crackdown 3 is a "Terry Crews Simulator"

Microsoft Crackdown 3 No More Delays

Crackdown 3’s long-awaited release date is finally drawing near, and the game’s own beaming star Terry Crews has a few things to say to entice gamers to the newest entry in Microsoft’s franchise. The star has made frequent appearances on the small screen and beyond, including his appearances in roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, over-the-top action film franchise The Expendables, and even last year’s Deadpool 2, but Crackdown 3 represents the noteworthy combination of Crews’ magnetic star power and a beloved video game series.

Crackdown 3 has been delayed several times since its earliest proper announcement back at E3 2014, but will finally see its release later this month. Featuring a focus on destructible environments and overblown futuristic gang warfare, the Microsoft exclusive appears to be a notable upgrade to its predecessor, which hit the Xbox 360 a distant nine years ago.

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However, the previous Crackdown game didn’t have the added draw of the face, voiceover work, and impressive fully-motion-captured physique of fan-favorite actor and activist Terry Crews. Crews took some time to speak with Screen Rant last weekend about his thorough involvement with the game’s development since Microsoft positioned him as the marquee feature of Crackdown 3 and, while he portrays Agent Commander Jaxon, Crews sees his presence in the game as something much deeper than a casual characterization:

Terry Crews Crackdown 3 Trailer

Terry, what could you possibly tell us about what people should expect from Crackdown 3 the most, if you had just one thing to say?

Terry Crews: This is what I could say: it’s a Terry Crews simulator. Straight up. This is me. In fact, you start out as 14-year-old me, and you grow into the man I am today. You actually get more strength, you start out— You’re like a smaller Terry Crews, you’re 14, with my body style. And then you can learn and grow and become the badass Terry Crews that sits before you right now [laughs].

I love it! That should be on the box, right there: Terry Crews Simulator.

Terry Crews: That’s on the box baby!

The Crackdown series has always made a point to center its multiplayer components, with the original game presenting one of the very first multiplayer online sandbox experiences available to modern consoles at the time. Crackdown 3 continues this trend, and is hyping up its polished competitive mode “Wrecking Zone,” featuring a fully-destructible city as the backdrop to team-based PVP combat.

Still, this newest entry arguably presents the most anticipated single-player narrative in the franchise yet. Not only will players get to roleplay as “badass Terry Crews,” but they’ll get to do so in a story mode written by Joseph Staten, formerly of Bungie and notable for his work on Halo, several Halo offshoots (including novel adaptations), and the first Destiny game.

To summarize: Crackdown 3 is shaping up to be an interesting draw for fans and series newcomers alike, and stands as a mighty Microsoft exclusive at a time when this feels needed. There may have been delays and staff swaps on the road to release, but the moment of truth is right around the corner, when Crackdown 3 hits Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms on February 15.

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