Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Literally Doesn't Let You Play With Friends

Crackdown 3

For some strange reason, Crackdown 3 will not support Xbox Live parties for its multiplayer Wrecking Zone mode at launch. The title is the latest installment in the Xbox-exclusive franchise that began with Crackdown in 2007 for the Xbox 360. Taking place in a fictional city known as Pacific City, players take on the role of Agents in the title, biologically-enhanced people who go on missions to take down crime lords and their syndicates.

In the process, players traverse a vast open world that also allows them to complete optional missions, as well as participate in scavenger hunts and street races. What sets Crackdown apart from other titles, though, is that players can select how they want to approach each mission. Crackdown 2 arrived in 2010, with a similar premise, expanding upon gameplay in the first title. Both games did well with players, so Microsoft decided to put out a third game, Crackdown 3. The new title also features a Wrecking Zone, which is a multiplayer mode that allows players to team up in 5 vs. 5 action. A preview for the game's multiplayer mode shows off some of what players can expect, including a lot of action and explosions.

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However, Reddit user Branflakes222 spotted a comment by the community manager of an official Crackdown 3 server that the Wrecking Zone will not allow players to team up with friends at launch. This means that players can't start Xbox Live parties for the Wrecking Zone, but must instead rely on the game's random matching system that assigns players to parties. Crackdown 3 does offer a campaign mode where players can join up with a friend in co-op, and that, fortunately, will still support lobbying with friends.

Although there is no official explanation of why this Wrecking Zone feature won't be available at launch, there is good news. Microsoft has plans on implementing it in a future update. Crackdown 3 has already seen its share of delays and announced in 2018 a hard release date of February 2019. That release date is just days away, and it's likely this feature simply isn't ready yet. It seems like the plan is to get the game out there and then add features as the developers complete them.

However, can Crackdown 3 officially make a splash in a month that already has so many other big AAA releases? The title is already competing with Anthem, Metro: Exodus and Far Cry: New Dawn, putting it in a tough position to get players' attention. Not having all features available at launch could keep players from buying into the title until later. It's not an ideal situation, but at least players can still get excited about a game that features Terry Crews as a character.

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Source: Branflakes222

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