Terry Crews Helps Make Crackdown 3 Trailer Exciting

Terry Crews Crackdown 3 Trailer

A new sneak peak for Microsoft Studios' Crackdown 3 has finally debuted featuring a welcoming monologue from Terry Crews as one of the game's characters. The open world action-adventure video game follow-up is expected to still have the same sandbox elements from its predecessors with the addition of destructible gameplay environments that can be triggered by players of the title.

Crackdown 3 has been in Microsft's gaming pipeline since 2014 when it was first announced at that year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) but it was not until Gamescom 2015 that more details regarding it were revealed. The event showcased the sequel's shift in focus to cloud-powered real time destruction which will be one of the main new features of the upcoming title. Two years after that initial tease, a new look at the game has finally landed featuring a very excited and welcoming Crews.

The new Crackdown 3 gameplay trailer (seen above) debuted during E3 2017 held at Los Angeles, California. It introduces Crews as one of the characters in the game named Commander Jaxon. He pumps up the players to “step up [their] boom" by telling them that  “Today, you throw grenades [but] tomorrow, you’ll be throwing cars! Forget dropping bombs, you’re dropping buildings."

Terry Crews Crackdown 3 Trailer

Following Crews' intro, the trailer dives into the real action with a couple variations of player characters firing armed rifles, as well as, rocket launches and going against bad guys around a rural are complete with neon lights from billboards and majestic concrete structures. Other cool stuff from the game has also been shown including cool jet packs and humongous robots which all effectively add to the hype surrounding the title.

There is not much context given as to what Crews' role will be in the gameplay. But basing from the almost three-minute clip that he appears in, he seems to be very enthusiastic about helping gamers meander their way in the gameplay of Crackdown 3 - it is almost like he is the main hype guy for the team. Aside from having recurring TV gigs and a previous career in playing pro football, Crews is actually a well-known gaming enthusiast which makes his involvement in this project very fitting.

On top of the new gameplay trailer on Crackdown 3 brought about by the teaser, the official release date for the game has also been announced. The game will be rolled out this coming November 7 for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, as well the  Xbox One X formerly known as Xbox Project Scorpio.

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Source: Microsoft Studios

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