First Cowboys & Aliens Trailer (Plus Jon Favreau Interview)

Cowboys And Aliens Trailer Countdown And Jon Favreau Edit Bay Visit

Cowboys & Aliens is already generating enough buzz to make it one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2011. Today, the first teaser trailer from the film makes its online debut. We have the trailer for you here, as well as an inside look at director Jon Favreau's take on the teaser.

We were fortunate enough to be among the few to get a sneak-peak at the Cowboys And Aliens trailer, as well as nearly forty minutes of footage, in an edit bay visit with Jon Favreau last week, and we can assure fans that they will not be disappointed.

In addition to an advance look at the trailer, we were also given the opportunity to view the the very early, work-in-progress, first act of the film, and will be bringing you a full report on our edit bay visit in the coming weeks.

What we are able to report now is that the trailer that you see here is highly reflective of the extended footage we've seen from the film. There is always the danger of misleading a film's audience with an deceptive marketing campaign. Thankfully, that's not the case with Cowboys & Aliens.

Favreau himself reflects “what I like about it as a filmmaker, is that it feels like they are selling the same movie that we're making.” He goes on to say that this trailer encapsulates “the tone of the first act of the movie, and as we get deeper, and as more trailers come out – more will be revealed.”

Keep an eye out here on Screen Rant as we continue to bring you the latest about the film.

And now, take a look at the very first teaser trailer for Cowboys & Aliens:

For HD versions of the trailer head over to Yahoo! Movies.

That blend of raw old-West brutality, and creepily mysterious, restrained sci-fi, is exactly what you can expect to see more of from Cowboys & Aliens.

As film-goers, we have become comfortable, and used to “genre-bending” films; in fact, the tricks and tropes of genre-bending (or blending) have become so familiar and shorthand, that filmmakers now must essentially bend the bending in order to surprise audiences.

In his 2001 essay on The French Connection, writer Todd Berliner explains that, “genre-bending films rely on viewers' habitual responses to generic codes, misleading audiences into expecting conventional outcomes.” In other words, genre-bending films typically set viewers up for the expected, only to then twist the tropes, "creating a more unsettling experience than the genre traditionally provides.”

Audiences have become sophisticated enough that most genre-films are now self-reflexive in some way, or ways.

Cowboys And Aliens Trailer Countdown And Jon Favreau Edit Bay Visit

In casting Harrison Ford, Favreau is tipping his hat (metaphorically) at fans; and said hat tip plays into the tone of the film. He likens the casting choice to that of a classic Western star, explaining that “when John Wayne stepped onto the screen, he brought his entire body of work with him, and you have to acknowledge that. You can go with expectation or against expectation...”. However, both filmmaker and audience are well aware that a wealth of history comes with the casting choice - a lesson Favreau learned while working with Robert Downey Jr., on Iron Man.

A wealth of history is also intrinsically present in any genre film; that element of the past is heightened in a film that blends genres, as Cowboys & Aliens does. Self-reflexive, and genre-blending it may be, and yet, from what we have seen, Cowboys & Aliens feels like a film that honors its predecessors far more than many films that attempt to genre-blend, or bend, do.

Wild, Wild West This is not.

Cowboys And Aliens Trailer Countdown

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