'Cowboys & Aliens' Trailer Breakdown With Jon Favreau

The innate silliness of the title Cowboys & Aliens aside, director Jon Favreau has selected to avoid going for the cheap joke with his comic book adaptation and aims to deliver a serious but fun romp that revolves around an extraterrestrial invasion of the Old West.

Fans were highly receptive to the official Cowboys & Aliens trailer when it premiered last week - enough so for Favreau to sit down and provide a bit of commentary on the trailer itself.

Favreau sat down with MTV to breakdown the trailer for Cowboys & Aliens, which he approached from the perspective of "if you're doing a mashup of two genres, like science-fiction and a western, if you play one of them tongue-in-cheek, the combo's not what's going to be special."

He went on to discuss how his decision to cast Daniel Craig as the amnesia-struck loner, Jake Lonergan (get it?), was motivated by the desire for Cowboys & Aliens to feel very much like an authentic western - even before the visitors from another planet show up.

For more about Cowboys & Aliens (including tidbits about why Favreau sees Harrison Ford as the John Wayne of his generation and who came up with the idea for Longergan to be tagged with alien tech), just watch the full trailer commentary below:

We like how seriously Favreau is taking Cowboys & Aliens, which frankly sounds like it should be the title of a goofy B-movie from the 1950s. The casting is spot on (especially with Ford), the action looks like a cool blend of western shoot-outs and sci-fi warfare, and the tone of the film looks to match that of a Sergio Leone or Sam Peckinpah movie.

Cowboys and Aliens arrives in theaters in the U.S. on July 29th, 2011. Are you excited to see this one?

Source: MTV

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