'Covert Affairs' & 'White Collar' Crossover May Be In The Works

A pair of USA's dramedies are returning this week - and Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo is teasing a crossover with White Collar. She gave an interview with White Collar headliner Matt Bomer on The Today Show and let her intentions be known.

When asked about their relative shows, Perabo said, "I keep trying to get them to write a crossover!" Host Meredeth Vieira speculated that CIA Agent Annie Walker (Perabo) could enlist the aid of con-man Neal Caffrey (Bomer) in exchange for a shortened sentence. "It's gonna happen," said Bomer.

For the uninitiated, White Collar plays out like a modern, serialized version of Catch Me If You Can. Caffrey assists FBI straight man Peter Burke (Tim DeKay, Get Smart) by getting into the minds of his fellow criminals. Covert Affairs is a standard spy show with a flirty twist provided by Perabo and other young cast members like Christopher Gorham.

The two shows share more than a little in common: Twenty-something headliners, three-letter government spooks, and a fun, irreverent dialogue interspersed with serious drama. A crossover would seem like a natural choice, and an easy arc to write at that.

Check out the White Collar season 3 and Covert Affairs season 2 promos below:



Parabo gave a few nuggets of info to Covert Affairs fans eager for the second season: As her character Annie Walker becomes more experienced in her role at the CIA, she'll be handling bigger cases and more international travel. Keen observers will have noticed a few homages to the Bourne movies in recent TV spots - courtesy of executive producer Doug Liman, no doubt.

USA certainly seems open to a crossover event, as they've been co-promoting season three and season two of White Collar and Covert Affairs, respectively. The network is promoting them with the same spots, understandably trying to reach a common audience. White Collar averaged four million viewers last season, while Covert Affairs managed an impressive 6.7 million.


White Collar returns to USA on June 7th at 9PM, with Covert Affairs following at 10PM.

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