• 5 Couples That Hurt Teen Nick Shows (And 5 That Saved Them)

    Nickelodeon has had some insanely interesting love stories throughout the history of the channel. Nick Shows are known for having a quirky set of characters, so this is bound to lead to some interesting relationship dynamics.

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    We're all familiar with the classic Disney Channel pairings such as Kim and Ron along with Gordo and Lizzy, but what about Nick shows? Which couples were best suited for each other on Nickelodeon? Which couples didn't seem like a good fit? Check out our list below of some of our favorites (and least favorites) below!

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  • 10 / 10
    Sam and Freddie - Saved

    Sam: I hate you!

    Freddie: Then why'd you kiss me?!

    Sam: Because...I like you.

    Sam and Freddie are best friends/sworn enemies on iCarly who work on a popular web series together. The love/hate relationship trope is not new to Nickelodeon. We've seen it before with Jimmy and Cindy (Jimmy Neutron), Josh and Mindy (Drake and Josh), and Arnold and Helga (Hey Arnold), just to name a few. Yet despite the fact that this type of pairing has been done before, nobody manages to nail this trope quite like Sam and Freddie. The two were constantly at each other's throats, yet fans couldn't help but speculate whether or not the fire between them was only sparked from hatred.

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    Eventually in the season 2 episode "iKiss", fans of the pairing otherwise known as "Seddie" were pleased to see Sam and Freddie lock lips. Sam and Freddie do so only because neither of them has ever been kissed before and they both just want to "get it over with". But is that the only reason? Probably not, because not too long after their shared kiss the two end up canon. Sam and Freddie shared a romantic relationship together for quite some time, yet they decided to break it off despite the fact that they were still very much in love with each other. Whether or not they get back together is left on an ambiguous note. What we do see is Freddie calling up Sam towards the later episodes to ask her if she would like to get back together. We never get her response, but we sure hope she said yes!

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  • 9 / 10
    Plankton and Karen - Ruined

    Plankton and Karen are a married couple on SpongeBob, residing at the Chum Bucket. Okay, let's be real for a second. Nothing could ever "ruin" SpongeBob, but we do think Karen can do way better than Plankton. For starters, Karen is way smarter than Plankton. She is also not getting what she signed up for considering how in The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, she tells Plankton that she never agreed to be with him. Ouch!

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    In the episode titled "Walking on Plankton", we find out that Karen and Plankton never had a honeymoon after getting married. Karen tells her husband that she would love for them to go on a honeymoon one day, yet Plankton ignores her wants and needs due to the fact that he is too focused on finding out the secret ingredient for the Krabby Patty. *Sigh*. A supercomputer girl can only dream...

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  • 8 / 10
    Cat and Robbie - Saved

    Robbie: You're adorable! Any guy would be lucky as cheese to go out with you.

    Cat: Thanks Robbie, that was really sweet, but you don't know how guys think.

    Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro are close friends on Victorious. They both attend Hollywood Arts High School. Before Mac Miller and Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande had a different love interest. Well, at least her character did on Victorious. Cat (Grande) and Robbie (Matt Bennett) started off as platonic friends, yet as the series progressed Robbie started to catch some major feelings for Cat. He even wrote her an adorably hilarious song to express his affection for her!

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    Although it seemed at first that his love for her was completely one-sided, Cat eventually admitted that the reason she was afraid to take her relationship further with Robbie was due to her fear of jeopardizing their friendship. Although they are never labeled as an official couple, they are often spotted holding hands, kissing, and wandering off alone together to go play "pirates" (whatever that means)! Luckily for fans of the pairing, Ariana Grande has let the "Cabbie" ship live on by placing Matt Bennett in her hit music videos, including "One Last Time" and "Thank u, Next". So cute!

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  • 7 / 10
    Carly and Freddie - Ruined

    Freddie and Carly play best friends who run a web series together on iCarly. Freddie was pretty much in love with Carly since the two were kids, yet Carly never seemed to return his affection. Many people found their relationship dynamic to be forced and predictable.

    Fans were relieved when creator Dan Schneider decided to pair Freddie and Sam up instead. Although some fans were opposed to Carly and Freddie getting together as a couple, there were also a handful of people who preferred their relationship to the "Seddie" ship.

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  • 6 / 10
    Zoey and Chase - Saved

    Chase and Zoey are close friends who attend PCA boarding school together on Zoey 101. Chase fell for Zoey the moment he first saw her while he was riding his bike through the PCA campus. He was so smitten that he literally fell off his bike, foreshadowing the beginning of his clumsy crush on her.

    Despite his feelings for Zoey, Chase was able to handle being just friends for the majority of the show's run. The two shared a close relationship, leaning on each other for emotional support which can be seen most clearly in season 3 episode 10 after Chase's Grandma dies. Zoey eventually realized that she too loved Chase, and as a result, the two decided to date. Way to go, Chase!

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  • 5 / 10
    Jade and Beck - Ruined

    Jade and Beck play an on-and-off couple on Victorious, attending Hollywood Arts High School Together. Although there were a handful of supporters for Jade and Beck as a couple, the two were in the midst of a relationship with little to no trust. Jade was extremely possessive of Beck, and Beck had a knack for purposefully trying to make Jade jealous.

    She even threw a rock at him for being in a photo with another girl! If the two can't trust each other than what's the point of them being in a relationship? Sorry "Bade" stans, we just think they have a bit of growing up to do before they can be considered a healthy relationship.

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  • 4 / 10
    Sam and Danny - Saved

    Sam and Danny are best friends on Danny PhantomEventually, they evolve from platonic friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. Best friends who become lovers in the end? Never heard of that trope before! Sarcasm aside, although the trope has been done plenty of times before, Sam and Danny's relationship is authentic enough for the cliched dynamic to work in their favor.

    All of Sam and Danny's peers were convinced that the two of them were destined to be together. Danny and Sam were platonic friends at first, yet as the show progressed so did their feelings for each other.  Overall, both Sam and Danny have a lot of admiration for each other which fans can't help but adore.

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  • 3 / 10
    Ned and Moze - Ruined

    Ned and Moze are best friends on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. They begin to date towards the end of the series. Although there were a fair amount of supporters for Ned and Moze's relationship a.k.a "Noze", their romantic dynamic as a whole seemed rather forced.

    The two seemed much better off as friends, yet perhaps their relationship was made romantic in an attempt to up the show's ratings. We believe it's better for characters to remain platonic than to have a romance forced upon them. Why try to create chemistry when it was never really there in the first place?

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  • 2 / 10
    2.Quinn and Logan-Saved

    Quinn and Logan are "frenemies" on Zoey 101, both members of the same larger friend group. Initially, Quinn and Logan can't stand each other. While Logan is cocky, sporty, and popular, Quinn is more of a dorky and "freakish" outcast. What makes their relationship so great is how unpredictable it is. Despite the fact that the two were total opposites, Quinn and Logan slowly began to fall for each other. Rather than hurting their relationship, their differences in personalities only enhanced their feelings for one another. These factors were able to make Quinn and Logan a unique and unforgettable couple.

    The two secretly dated in season 4, keeping it on the down low due to the fact that they didn't want to face ridicule for their relationship from the rest of the PCA students. They go on secret dates and dance inside closets so as not to be seen. Finally, Logan loudly confesses his love for Quinn in front of the whole school and the two share a passionate kiss, no longer able to hide their feelings for each other anymore.

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  • 1 / 10
    1.Helga and Arnold - Ruined

    Helga: Oh, my football-headed Love God...

    Helga is Arnold's bully on Hey, Arnold. Although Helga and Arnold had one of the most interesting relationship dynamics in Nickelodeon history, we don't think the two of them would make the healthiest couple. For starters, Helga constantly bullied Arnold in an attempt to mask her true feelings for him. Another glaring red flag was the fact that she kept several shrines in her closet that were fully dedicated to Arnold. Saying that Helga had a "crush" on Arnold would be a severe understatement. Her shrines consisted of photos of Arnold, art replicating his face, love notes she has written for him, and stacks upon stacks of his used chewing gum. Healthy!

    Their one-sided relationship is undoubtedly genius writing, but if they were ever to actually get together (They kiss in Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie), we hope Helga will grow out of her unhealthy obsession with Arnold and learn to see him as a normal human being.

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