Volunteers Claim the Counting On Stars Weren’t Helpful in Hurricane Dorian Relief

Counting On- Duggar Family

Volunteers claim the Counting On stars weren’t helpful in the Bahamas for hurricane Dorian relief. The other volunteers present claimed that the Duggars' help was far from helpful.

The Duggar family was best known for their show on TLC which followed the devout Baptists and discussed their modest lifestyle. The show was canceled in 2015 after it was revealed that the eldest Duggar son, Josh, sexually assaulting five girls. The older children later were given a spin-off called, Counting On. Despite their personal problems in the family, the Duggars try to help whenever they can. Shortly after the devastating Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, the Duggar’s flew out to lend what help they could to the native people. The 19 Kids and Counting family documented the time they spent on the island through their various social media accounts. The accounts show smiling faces and applause for all their hard work, but the other volunteers recount a very different story.

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While some of the Duggar’s and Bates’ family members were on a mission to help those hurt the most, a volunteer shared that the family did more harm than good by going to the Bahamas. The volunteer took to social media to expand on his experience dealing with the Duggar family during the natural disaster as explained by Cheat Sheet. Under the disguise of James G. Lee, the volunteer claimed that the Arkansas family carried handguns and kept seizing supplies from the staging area while carrying guns, handcuff,  and wearing Arkansas constable badges. The social media account also showed that the Duggar boys - who have been shown to be very handy around automobiles - found a broken down golf cart, fixed it up, then refused to let the volunteer organization use it in their efforts. The worse offense of all, according to the source, was that the Duggar's fixed a building's air conditioner, but than denied access to other volunteers which included a 70-year-old woman - who sat in the hot sun waiting to get in.

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The social media account has not been verified, but Lee did share pictures from the ground which showed the Duggar’s were there working alongside him. The last photo posted was of John David Duggar, where he was reportedly acting belligerently to local security officers. The Duggar’s were not the only family that had been told on, as Lawson Bates was also mentioned as a major problem during the trip. Since arriving back in the United States, the Duggar family has remained silent about the whole ordeal. Fans find this behavior surprising because the family is well known for documenting their family adventures with tons of pictures and blogs. This leaves fans to wonder if their relief trip may have not been as successful as they hoped it would be, or maybe did things that they weren't proud of. The last known mention of the trip came from Joy-Anna's Instagram account showing a picture of her and her husband, Austin after he returned days early from the trip.

Fans were already upset with the Duggar’s for their use of the term "medic" in the name of their disaster relief company. The issue seems to be that the family has registered two new businesses that look like they are linked to their aviation fleet. The family named their relief company Medic Corps and is the name they worked under while helping in the Bahamas. Many believe that the name would imply the family could help with medical treatment, in which they cannot. In all, the Duggar family does not have any medical or licensed training, giving false hope to the ravaged island. It seems like the Duggar's efforts have done more damage than good, at least according to the source.

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Source: Cheat Sheet

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